Beauty: tools for beautiful hands and nails

We all know that several licks of hand cream every day are good for the hands and that nails look better when filed (short or long) with nail polish (color or clear). But more is needed to keep hands in top condition.

Exercises for the hands and fingers

Doing some exercises with your hands and fingers every day stimulates blood circulation and keeps everything running smoothly. This can be combined with other exercises, but can also be done while showering.

  • Place the tips of your fingers together at an angle and press your fingers together from top to bottom.
  • Place your full hands together in front of your chest and press the balls of your hands together.
  • Hold your hands in front of you at shoulder height and move your fingers individually very quickly (as if you want to scare someone).

Continue these exercises for a few minutes and make it a daily ritual.

Care hands

Make sure you always have a jar or tube of hand cream at the sink. No matter how soft a soap is, it dries out, so always use hand cream after washing your hands. Always keep a tube in your bag at work or school to prevent you from being able to apply it to your hands after washing.
Furthermore, scrubbing your hands thoroughly every week with a special scrub is not an unnecessary luxury. Then wash your hands well and apply a hand mask to them (Herome has a grease-free hand mask and does not stain).

Nail care

Whether or not to paint them is very personal, but if you don’t paint them, that doesn’t mean they don’t need care.
Smoothing the cuticles prevents skin from forming on the nails and is easily done with cuticle oil. Almost all brands have such a product in their range. Very carefully pushing up the cuticles with a cuticle pusher (when the cuticle oil has been on the nails and the skin around them for a minute or so) will make your nails look much neater.
Filing is also important. This prevents nicks on your nail that can tear through or cause your new tights to flake. A glass file has many advantages and can be cleaned easily, but canton files (disposable) or diamond files are also possible. If you are filing short or long nails, look carefully at the shape of your nails and the shape of your fingers and file so that they come out as best as possible. Example: A pointed finger is not helped if you also file the nails in a point and filing straight with short stubby fingers and small nails does not improve the shape. If you can’t figure it out, try it out or have a professional do it once. The short nail must also be filed. File around and make sure there are no loose ends. If there is a layer of your nail (or a piece), take the gloss file and file it smooth. By gently rubbing it with another finger, you can feel whether it is smooth.
Always file in one direction!
The gloss file can also be used if you want shiny nails, but no nail polish. Use the steps of the file well and no more than once every 3 to 4 weeks.
Also check whether the hand cream you use will do something for your nails. You can then immediately take your nails and cuticles with you when applying the cream.
This way, your hands will start the summer in good condition again.

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