Hand and foot reflexology

Organs, bones and tissues all have a reflex point on the feet and hands. An expert can therefore receive messages such as tensions and blockages through the feet or hands. Hand massage does not have the same effect as foot massage, which produces better results, but hand massage is easier to apply to your own body.

Foot reflexology

Feet are the symbolic roots of man. The feet form the basis on which the body rests and the individual is connected to the earth. Nowadays, however, very little value is attached to such an important part of the body as the foot. The reflexologist’s working method ensures personal treatment for everyone. After all, no person is the same. The massage is given with gentle touches for a few seconds. It is difficult to say how long treatment will last. For example, certain foot zones may be extra stimulated. However, some foot zones need to be stimulated in every patient. These are the zones that correspond to the urinary tract, the nervous system and the hormonal system. The toxins accumulated in the organism are released and removed by the kidneys and liver. In this way the entire body is detoxified. Feet indicate health status through various signals. The reflexologist will first examine the shape, color, structure and position of the toes, the appearance of the nails, thickening of the skin, bunions, protruding bones and sagging and skin folds.

Foot reflex zones

The foot reflex zones are massaged according to a detailed procedure. From the head, reflected in the toes, one descends to the pelvis, with a reflex zone at the heel. The right foot is connected to our most rational part and influences the liver/gall bladder line. The left foot, also known as the emotional foot, is directly connected to our heart. The reflexologist can gain interesting information from this. For example, someone whose left second toe is longer than the big toe is often a heart patient, hyperactive or very emotional, likes dark-colored clothing and prefers bitter tastes. This is just an example, there are countless examples where the position and condition of the feet provide information about the general health condition.


Reflexology is intended to combat anxiety and pain, promote relaxation and tranquility, counteract nausea and vomiting and control various symptoms. Furthermore, the following health complaints, among others, can be prevented and treated:

  • Depression and mood problems
  • Stress anxiety and fatigue
  • Menstrual pain and bladder infection
  • Digestive problems and inflammation of the colon
  • Heavy legs and swollen feet
  • Headache
  • Insomnia or unsteady sleep
  • Asthma and colds


Hand reflexology

Hand massage is also based on the assumption that the organs and functions of the entire body correspond through different zones of the palm. Hand massage does not have the same effect as foot massage, which produces better results, but hand massage is easier to apply to your own body. Hand massage is also used for a patient with painful foot areas or who has corns, fungi or warts. Scientific research has shown that the motor center of the hands occupies almost a third of the brain’s nervous system. The hands are ideal for self-massage. However, the hand reflexes are deeper because hands are often exposed and are always more active, making them less sensitive than feet.


Treating the hands is more complex but no less effective. Of course, it must be done properly. The following zones can be treated, among others:

  • Urinary tract
  • Nervous system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Bone and muscular structure
  • Sexual organs
  • Hip points


Meaning of your hands

In many cultures around the world, the hands have been given positive symbolic meanings. Hebrew has the word iad, which means both hand and power. Of course we all know the expression ‘give someone a helping hand’. The hand symbolizes help and is the first tool that someone naturally uses to offer help and support to others. Taking
care of your hands
Take good care of your hands because this part of the body says more about your age than, for example, your face or other body parts.
Do you have dry hands?
Then, after washing hands, apply moisturizing cream with gylcerin. Protect your hands against the cold and wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning. Do you suffer from cracks in your hands?
Yellowed smoker’s hands?
Hold the nicotine stains against the cut surface of a lemon cut in half. Then scrub the fingers clean with a piece of cotton soaked in diluted oxygen water.
Cracked hands?
Wearing cotton gloves before going to sleep can help . In any case, use a nourishing cream in the evening.
Dark spots on the hands?
This often occurs from the age of 35. This can be avoided by regularly applying cream and sunscreen every day.

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