Self-tanners from a jar

Your sun-tanned skin comes from a jar in 2008. Much healthier for your skin than lying in the sun or under the tanning bed. In the past, your skin sometimes turned orange with self-tanners, but now you can count on a beautiful, healthy and sexy summer tan. Provided you use the product properly. Who would not want that?


For just a few euros you can get a jar of self-tanner at the drugstore. The range is wide, for both men and women. Creams, lotions, especially for the legs and sprays, plenty of choice. Convenience serves people, because within a few hours you can have a healthy tan! Without the harmful effects of the sun or tanning bed!

Safe and healthy

The mild self-tanner DHA is not harmful to the skin. In fact, almost all self-tanners contain so much more. Extra moisturizing and hydrating substances, extra vitamins and minerals, everything to keep your skin supple and healthy.

How do you get the best results and what should you pay attention to?


Scrub your skin well and thoroughly before using self-tanners. You remove all dead skin cells and prevent spots and blemishes.

Dry skin

Apply the self-tanner to dry skin! Have you just showered and is your skin still clammy and damp? Wait until your skin is absolutely dry! Damp skin can cause spots.

Spread carefully

Apply the self-tanner to your skin by spreading it carefully. Spread it evenly.

White clothes

Have you just applied the self-tanner? Do not put on your white clothes immediately afterwards and certainly do not sit on a white couch. Self-tanners rub off, especially if they have only just been applied to your skin. Give it some time until it is absorbed, it should be properly absorbed into your skin within 30 minutes.

Avoid hairline and eyebrows

The self-tanner, DHA, also works on your hair!


Never use your self-tanning body lotion on your face! Lotions for legs on the legs and special self-tanners for the face, apply only to the face!

Before bedtime

Some self-tanners give off a strange smell. Not every brand has succeeded in covering up the smell. As soon as the DHA comes into contact with your skin, you may experience a strange smell. If you have a self-tanner that smells a bit strange, apply it before you go to sleep. Let your lotion soak in for a while before crawling under the white sheets because of the risk of it staining.

Knees and elbows

These areas are more sensitive to stains. Be more careful when applying self-tanner to these areas.


Always read the instructions carefully and carefully before using a self-tanner!

Wash hands

To avoid giving your palms an unusual discoloration, it is important to wash your hands after applying a self-tanner!

Self-tanners do not protect against the sun!

Despite your tan due to the self-tanner, you cannot go into the sun without danger. Self-tanners do not contain a protection factor. Besides that, your skin has not built up any natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Go into the sun with a sunscreen with a protection factor!

Results of the self-tanners

Results among users are very variable. After applying the product for an average of 5 days, you should have achieved optimal results. The tan disappears automatically as your skin renews. In general, you get a beautiful, healthy brown skin from self-tanners. However, results have been reported that people get spots or an orange color and in some cases it hardly works. The results have nothing to do with the original skin color, people who tan quickly do not tan faster and/or more beautifully than people with a light skin color who burn quickly.

Skin specialist or beautician

If you have any doubts about the effect of a self-tanner on your skin, visit your skin specialist and/or beautician. Get expert information about your skin type and the different types of self-tanners.

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