What to do in the event of an epilepsy attack?

Epilepsy, also called falling disease, is fairly common in the Netherlands. About 90,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from it. The cause of epilepsy occurs in a person after brain damage or brain injury. Many people think that people with epilepsy are pathetic, but they are not pathetic and can lead a very normal life. You just need to know how to help someone having an epileptic seizure.

What is epilepsy?

When someone has an epileptic fit, he starts to shiver and can no longer control himself. This is caused by a temporary disturbance in the brain. Nowadays there are medications that ensure that people with epilepsy have seizures less often. There is always a chance that they will have a seizure, but we can make it easier for these people.

How can we help?

Most people in the Netherlands do not know what epilepsy means. This is precisely the danger. When someone has an epileptic seizure, most bystanders are shocked because they don’t know what is going on and how to help. The last thing you should do is stand there and watch. How would you feel if you were lying there on the ground shivering and you were no longer in control and no one was helping you, but everyone was watching?
If you see someone having such an epileptic fit, lay them on their side on the floor. You ensure that his head is supported so that his head does not hit the ground. It is also important that you keep his tongue out of his mouth so that he does not choke on it. The people who have an epileptic attack can no longer control themselves, so they can use your help.

Are you going to help them or continue to feel sorry for them?

Because you now know how to help people with epilepsy, you offer those people a better life. They no longer have to worry about being laughed at. They can go out on the street feeling calm, knowing that they will be helped if they have an attack. We cannot decide for people with epilepsy what they can and cannot do, because then they will be truly pathetic!

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