Beauty: full lips

One of the reasons Angelina Jolie is so popular when it comes to her beauty is because of her mouth. For some reason a full mouth always works well. It radiates all kinds of things, such as health, fertility, etc. To meet this beauty ideal, you can of course let the plastic surgeon do his work (not that that always makes it more beautiful), but there are also other means.

The skin

Lips and the skin around them are quite vulnerable. Age, UV light, food, drink, it all affects the skin of the lips and the skin around them. Lips slowly become thinner over the years and there is a good chance that lip lines will develop around the lips. Lines that are unsightly for many, especially if you use lipstick that then runs between the lines.


Because the lips are so vulnerable, it is always a good idea to apply care to the lips. Biotherm’s Aqua Source line contains a lip cream that also has a UV filter (can also be used during winter sports holidays) and also gives a nice shine to the lips. Chanel has a lip correction in the Precision line that also addresses the skin around the lips. Bourjois has a Duo & Baume duo set, which includes a small brush that smoothes the lips and a balm for the cracks. All products that can protect vulnerable skin.

Full lips

Temporary “filling”

For permanent treatment you really have to go to the doctor to be injected. Temporary solutions are special products that stimulate blood flow to the lips and, as it were, cause the lips to swell and become redder in color. Cinnamon, peppermint or blackcurrant are ingredients that stimulate this and are included in these products. Not a really permanent solution, but for a longer period of time, are the collagen products (e.g. Lip Collagen Boost from Sally Hansen).

“Fill” with color

You can also do a lot with color. Think of the warm red lips (Dior and Chanel have some nice warm colors), but colorless lip gloss can also help. The lip gloss with shimmering particles is actually even better. Some brands (including LOreal) have these in their range. Moreover, a good lipstick can also protect the lips.
If you want to get started with colours, make sure you first apply a lip pencil in the same color or a shade lighter to the lip contour. Then enter the desired color. In addition to a nice sleek effect, the lipstick also remains within the lips and prevents lines around the lips from breaking through.

Stimulate the lips

You can also stimulate the lips by ensuring that blood circulation remains optimal. Many people use their teeth to regularly rub their lips against their teeth, but there are also scrubbing products for the lips. On the one hand, these products remove loose skin and on the other hand they stimulate blood flow.


Plenty of options for a nice full mouth. Always make sure that what you do is done carefully. It is not always the case that bigger is better.

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