Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that occurs when the acidity in the vagina becomes disturbed. Normally the acidity is in balance, so germs cannot survive there. The condition is not classified as an STD or venereal disease, but it can be transmitted to a man. The man does not experience any complaints from this.

Bacterial vaginosis

Normally the acidity in the vagina is in balance. When this acidity is in a good balance, germs have no chance to strike. Most germs cannot survive in an acidity that is in balance.
Sometimes the acidity balance is disturbed and germs have a chance to strike. This can cause bacterial vaginosis. The balance can be disturbed when the vagina is washed with soap, when a tampo is left in the vagina for too long or when the vagina is not washed at all. It is best to wash the vagina thoroughly with water only and if you want to clean the vagina properly, it is advisable to use a product such as Lactacyd or Intimate. These products have been specially developed for cleaning the vagina. When the vagina contains less acid, bacteria have the opportunity to grow excessively.

Symptoms / complaints

If you have bacterial vaginosis, you may experience a gray-white discharge from the vagina. This discharge can give off a very unpleasant odor. Usually this is a very sour smell or an smell similar to the smell of raw fish. When this secretion comes into contact with semen, the smell becomes even stronger. The amount of discharge can vary greatly.
Another common phenomenon is itching of the vagina, in the vagina or around the opening of the vagina. You can also suffer a lot from vaginal wind. Some women with bacterial vaginosis have no complaints at all, others may suddenly develop complaints if they have been carrying the bacteria for months.
Bacterial vaginosis can be transmitted to the partner through intimate contact. Men can therefore become infected with bacterial vaginosis, but do not experience any symptoms.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis

The doctor can diagnose bacterial vaginosis by testing the acidity of the discharge and examining it under a microscope. The doctor can also do a smell test of the discharge. This is very unpleasant for your own idea, but sometimes necessary. Treatment for bacterial vaginosis is only necessary if you experience symptoms. The condition can be easily treated with a short course of medication, which the doctor will prescribe. You may feel sick from taking these medications. The bacteria usually disappear after this treatment. Only if the condition continues to return will the partner also have to undergo treatment. This person is probably the one who keeps infecting you. Men do not experience any complaints from the bacteria and therefore do not know that they carry it. Women can also transmit the bacteria to each other, so even if your partner is a woman, it is advisable to have her treated as well. even if she has no complaints yet. It is advisable not to have sex during treatment and immediately after treatment. The body needs some time to properly recover from this bacteria.

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