Infestation with pubic lice

Pubic lice falls under the STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), but it is also possible that you can become infected with pubic lice in another way. For example, it can also be transmitted through bed linen, clothing and towels and not just through intimate contact. It is not a serious condition, but the symptoms can be very annoying. The lice can live on all parts of the body that are hairy, except for the hair on the head.

Infestation with pubic lice

About two weeks after becoming infected with pubic lice, you may experience itching. This itching is caused by small lice, which can be found on any hairy part of the skin, except the scalp. The lice are usually found in the pubic hair around the genitals or the anus, but they can also live in armpit hair, chest hair, hair on the legs/thighs, around the navel, in the eyebrows and eyelashes. The lice live on human blood and leave brown-red feces. This stool is clearly visible in light underwear, for example. You get persistent itching on the skin where the lice are located. the skin may become irritated and turn red. Scratching does not help the persistent itching, but it can eventually damage the skin or cause infections.

Determine contamination

If you have become infected with pubic lice, it is quite easy to determine this yourself. You can usually see them yourself and you don’t need a doctor. You can see dots on the hairs on your skin. These are the lice themselves, or the eggs of the lice that they have already laid. If you see something but are not sure, a magnifying glass can help. If you still cannot see it properly, it is wise to consult a doctor. If you know that you have contracted pubic lice through sexual contact, it is advisable to also be tested for other STDs. The doctor will probably also suggest this to you during the examination. If he doesn’t suggest it, you can always ask for it yourself. If you have had sex with someone (safe or unsafe) after the infection, it is good to inform this person so that they can also be treated. Even if this person does not yet have any complaints, because the complaints may only show up much later after infection. People who have worn your clothes, used your towels or slept in your bed can also be examined more closely.

Treatment of pubic lice

If you have visited a doctor, he or she will probably prescribe a cream or lotion. Regular soap or shampoo does not help against lice. If you have been able to diagnose it yourself and have not visited a doctor, there are remedies for lice available at a pharmacy or drugstore. These include lotions from Loxazol or Prioderm. You do not need a prescription from a doctor for this cream or lotion. The cream or lotion kills the lice. It is advisable to repeat the treatment again after about a week to ensure that all lice are dead.
It is best to wash your bedding, clothing and towels, etc. that you used for the treatment at a minimum of 60 degrees. If this is not possible, you can store everything in a sealed bag for at least three days. Allow your pillow and mattress (and anything else that cannot be washed in the washing machine) to air out thoroughly before using them again. This way you prevent yourself from becoming infected again through your own belongings.

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