Regret your tattoo

Tattoos are hot, especially among women, the trend to have a tattoo has increased significantly in recent years. What if you regret your tattoo?

Getting your tattoo, prepared or impulsive?

If you want to get a tattoo , it is useful if you prepare thoroughly and choose an image in advance. However, sometimes people find that they have been very impulsive in getting the tattoo. For example, in a drunken mood or having someone persuade you to do so.


Of course, there are plenty of people who are very happy with their tattoo, but many initially regret it or regret it later. A tattoo is in principle permanent, and if you have had it placed in a striking place or have chosen a striking picture, you may regret your decision. Even when it comes to names of loved ones, after the end of the relationship you may regret that the name of the ex-partner is etched on your body for life. Moreover, your identity may change over the years and the tattoo may no longer suit you. Because having a tattoo is a hype among teenagers, regret is becoming increasingly common. Even children of about 13 or 14 years old regularly visit a clinic to have a tattoo removed .

When you are thinking about getting a tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo , first think carefully about whether you really want it. Also think about how you will view it in a few years. Be especially careful when you get a name tattooed, you never know whether you will still appreciate the person behind the name after a few years. And if, as a man, you have an image of a naked woman put on your arm, and you subsequently enter into a relationship that does not appreciate such a tattoo, this can also have consequences. Also think about the profession you have or what you hope to pursue later. Is a tattoo suitable for this? If this is not the case, it is better to leave the tattoo out or have it placed in an inconspicuous place.

What can you do to get rid of your tattoo?

If you regret your tattoo so much that you want to get rid of it, there are several options. Mind you, none of the options are invisible and you will probably be left with a scar or still be able to see your tattoo, so to speak, in a faded form.

  • You can have the tattoo covered. Another tattoo is placed over the picture or name you want to get rid of. You then keep a tattoo, but you have an image that you can live with.
  • You can have the tattoo cut away. This is the most rigorous way, you get rid of the tattoo completely, but a large, ugly scar remains. When cutting away the tattoo, the piece of skin with the image is completely cut away and the skin is sewn up again. For large tattoos, a skin graft will need to be done to replace the removed piece of skin. The treatment is a real operation.
  • You can have the tattoo lasered away. This is currently the most used technique. Scar tissue can sometimes form after laser treatment. There may also be a lighter color of the skin or discoloration of the skin . Unfortunately, the tattoo often cannot be completely lasered away, because remnants of the image remain visible, especially with the current bright colors. Laser treatment is seen as the most effective way to have your tattoo removed. In the Netherlands there are several clinics where this treatment is performed. Consult your doctor to find an accredited clinic.
  • You can have the tattoo treated with a lancing device. The skin is punctured with a lancing device, which creates small openings in the skin, allowing the encapsulated dyes to come out. The treatment can be done without anesthesia. After the treatment, the skin is rubbed with a special cream.
  • You can have the tattoo removed using a positive pole and a negative pole. A negative pole is placed next to the tattoo and then a positive pole is moved over the tattoo. This back and forth movement causes the epidermis to be removed by destroying the molecules of the ink. Because a crust forms on the skin, the ink can penetrate here. The disadvantage is that blisters and scarring often occur because the skin burns, as it were. The skin can also be very painful after the treatment.



If you want to have your tattoo removed, first see which method seems best to you. Do not try to burn your skin yourself or use recommended liquids (sometimes on the internet). This all causes a lot of pain and scar tissue. Go to a recognized clinic and try to find stories from experienced experts on the internet.

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