My experience with dexamphetamine

Dexamphetamine is one of the most commonly used medications for ADHD in both adults and children. The major disadvantage compared to my previous medication for ADHD, Concerta, is that I have to take the dexamphetamine several times a day. Dexamphetamine, like Ritalin and Concerta, is a psychostimulant. In November 2007 I was diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD of the combined type, that is, both an attention deficit disorder and a hyperactivity disorder. I have been taking medication for this for a while now. What is not well known is that there is also an ADHD adult version. Most people only know ADHD in children.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an abbreviation of the English term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is the most common mental disorder in children.
ADHD occurs in three different types: the combined type, the predominantly inattentive type (also called ADD) and the predominantly hyperactive/impulsive type.


According to the DSMIV (diagnosis manual), someone has ADHD if he or she has six or more of the following symptoms (most days of the week):

  • Insufficient attention to detail or careless mistakes
  • Difficulty paying attention to tasks or play
  • Don’t seem to listen
  • Not following instructions or not being able to complete assignments
  • Difficulty organizing tasks
  • Avoidance or aversion to tasks that require prolonged mental effort
  • Losing things needed for tasks
  • Getting distracted easily
  • Forgetful during daily activities
  • Restless movement with hands and feet or turning on the chair
  • Standing up when remaining seated is expected
  • Running around or climbing anywhere when it is inappropriate
  • Difficulty playing quietly or performing relaxing activities
  • Being busy or just trotting along
  • Talking continuously


Facts and fables

  • People with ADHD are not lazy
  • ADHD can also occur in adults
  • ADHD is not caused by a wrong upbringing
  • ADHD is not caused by insufficient outdoor play and/or exercise
  • ADHD also occurs in women
  • You do not have to immediately see from the outside that someone has ADHD
  • People with ADHD do not lack character
  • People with ADHD are not posers


Treatment with dexamphetamine

Dexamphetamine is a medication that reduces the symptoms of ADHD. In addition, it is sometimes prescribed for narcolepsy; uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day. You should take dexamphetamine every 4 to 6 hours with half a glass of water in the prescribed dosage. Dexamphetamine is only available with a prescription.


Dexamphetamine, like methylphenidate, is a psychostimulant . Releases dopamine and amphetamine, rather than inhibiting reuptake . The effect starts approximately 1 to 2 hours after ingestion. Dexamphetamine officially falls under the Opium Act .

Side effects

Like almost every medicine, Dexamphetamine also has side effects. The most common are:

  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Urge to speak
  • Decreased appetite and weight loss
  • Dizziness
  • Change in heart rhythm
  • Stomach ache
  • Vomit
  • Dry mouth

The side effects generally disappear and/or diminish the longer the drug is used.

My experience

On July 11, 2008 I started taking 5 mg dexamphetamine. The first day I only took a pill twice. I suffered from stomach cramps, was fit for a little longer in the evening, ground my teeth in my sleep (I normally only do this under intense stress) and it took quite a while before I could fall asleep.
The problems falling asleep lasted for about a week. My dreams became more vivid and I occasionally suffered from nightmares.
From July 17, 2008 , the problems falling asleep disappeared, but I started to suffer from tension and dry mouth. I now alternate between feeling very hungry and having a lack of appetite. My mood has extreme highs and lows. One moment I am extremely cheerful and able to take on the world, the next moment I feel extremely depressed, desperate and lethargic. Unfortunately, the positive effect on my fatigue is now starting to diminish again.
As of July 24, 2008 , I stopped taking dexamphetamine. My ADHD complaints did not or hardly diminish, while I did have quite a few side effects.

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