The mirror of the soul: Changes in eye color

Eyes play a central role among the sensory organs. There have been many changes in the field of cosmetics over time. Nowadays it is very common to even change your eye color!

The Eye Color

The eye color is actually the color of the iris . Changing the eye color therefore means a change in the color of the iris.

Methods of changing eye color

There are many methods to change eye color. One of the most common methods is to use a contact lens to change the color of the eyes or a surgical procedure.
The iris is the colored layer of the eye and the color of this layer is visible as the cornea with a transparent membrane in front of it. Permanent eye color change is a method by which the eye color permanently changes to the new eye color.
This is only suitable for people who do not wish to change their eye color repeatedly. Creating a new color in the iris has to do with intraocular ( inside the eye ) implantation. This is intended to change the color of the eyes.
Such implants are safe, well tolerated and provide a beautiful appearance that appears more natural than contact lenses.

Material and tolerance

The implantation is generally well tolerated because it is made of thin material: “ocular grade silicone”. This implant is used as a permanent solution but could also be removed if desired.

The implantation process

Placing an implant is a simple process that only takes fifteen minutes. And is performed under local anesthesia. “Flaps” are used to safely bring the implant into the correct position and not to put pressure on the retina.
“Bright eyes are important for the career…”
This is one of the most common reasons that applies to many people who undergo such surgery. There are also many people who undergo this implantation due to their personal preferences and have heard good results from this surgery. Moreover, this also helps people who suffer from albinism enormously.

Natural change in eye color

Change in eye color depends on several factors such as diet, sun exposure, diseases and age. But people who purposefully wish to change the color of their eyes should think twice before actually taking the step.
People who currently prefer to have discreetly colored irises should first consider getting colored contact lenses to give a distinctive look .
Although these methods may sound very interesting because they give you a different appearance and even make some people very attractive, serious consideration should be given to the risk of damaging the eye. my view on

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