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Who suits whom according to Chinese astrology? Which Horoscopes: Animal signs (cf. zodiac signs) go well together? With whom will the 12 animal signs have a nice love relationship or suitable partner relationship? Which Chinese horoscopes are suitable for good cooperation or an intense bond of friendship? This article provides an overview of which Chinese animal signs match. Each sign contains a link to an extensive relationship horoscope, love match of each of the 12 animal signs.

Who Matches Who in Chinese Astrology? Which Horoscopes match well?

Relationship Horoscope – Love Match Overview

Chinese astrology has -similar to the Western zodiac signs- 12 different animal signs. Below you will find a clear and brief overview in a table of the Chinese animal signs and with which sign they match best in the areas of love, friendship, relationship, cooperation and with which animal signs they match less well. A link to an extensive, detailed relationship horoscope of each animal sign and how or why they do or do not get along with the 11 other Chinese signs can be found in the last column of the summary table below.

The 12 Chinese Animal Signs – Chart Horoscope Animal Signs – Find your Birth Year

Chinese Animal Signs Table
If you don’t yet know which animal sign you are in Chinese astrology, first go to:

  • Chinese Horoscope – Animal Signs Table to look up your personal animal sign quickly and easily. You can also find the corresponding element here (wood, fire, water, earth, metal) and also whether the animal sign is yin or yang.


Names Animal Signs and Chinese Name 12 Chinese Animal Signs

The 12 Chinese Animal Signs

In order with the Chinese name after it:

  • Animal sign Rat = Shu
  • Animal sign Os = Niú (Ox is also called Buffalo or Bull)
  • Animal sign Tiger = Hu
  • Animal sign Hare = Tù (Hare is also called Rabbit or Cat)
  • Animal sign Dragon = Lóng
  • Animal sign Snake = Shé
  • Animal sign Horse = Mon
  • Animal sign Goat = Yáng (Goat is also called Sheep or Turtle)
  • Animal sign Monkey = Hóu
  • Animal sign Rooster = Ji) (Rooster is also called Chicken)
  • Animal sign Dog = Gou
  • Animal sign Pig = Zhu (Pig is also called Boar or Wild Boar)


Chinese Astrology – Which Signs Match? Match Love – Relationship Horoscope

Characteristics of Chinese Animal Signs

If you want to know the characteristics or general horoscope of the 12 Chinese Animal Signs, you can click on the relevant animal sign in the first column in the overview below (the underlined sign is a link) and you will get there automatically.

Extensive Relationship Match – Love Horoscope

In the overview, behind each animal sign (last column) there is a link to an article with an extensive and specific description of the love and relationship horoscope of the animal sign in question with each of the 12 Chinese animal signs.

Chinese Animal Sign

Fits best with Animal sign

Matches less with

Relationship Horoscope


Animal sign Rat

Rat and Dragon: relationshipOx and Monkey: friendship

Horse and Goat

Relationship Horoscope Match Love Rat


Animal sign Ox

Snake: relationship Rat and Rooster: friendship


Relationship Horoscope Match Love Ox


Animal sign Tiger

Ox and Dog: relationshipHorse, Dog and Dragon: friendship

Snake and Goat

Relationship Horoscope Match Love Tiger


Animal sign hare

Rat, Ox and Snake: relationshipGoat, Pig and Dog: friendship

Rooster and Pig

Relationship Horoscope Match Love Hare


Animal sign Dragon

Rat and Tiger: relationship Monkey, Snake, Rooster: friendship


Relationship Horoscope Match Dragon


Animal sign Snake

Rooster and Dragon: relationshipOx: friendship

Tiger and Pig

Relationship Horoscope Match Snake


Animal sign Horse

Dragon, Rooster and Goat: relationshipTiger and Dog: friendship


Relationship horoscope Match Horse


Animal sign Goat

Dog and Hare: relationshipPig and Horse: friendship

Rat and Rooster

Relationship Horoscope Match Goat


Animal sign Monkey

Rat and Ox: relationshipDragon: friendship

Tiger and Snake

Relationship Horoscope Match Monkey


Animal sign Rooster

Ox: relationshipSnake and Dragon: friendship


Relationship Horoscope Match Rooster


Animal sign Dog

Horse: relationshipTiger, Hare and Monkey: friendship


Relationship Horoscope Match Dog


Animal sign Pig

Dog and goat: relationshipDragon, Hare and Goat: friendship

Tiger and Snake

Relationship Horoscope Match Pig

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