Malaria disastrous

Malaria can be devastating even though it could be so easily prevented. What exactly is malaria?

What is malaria and how can you recognize it?

It is an infectious disease that occurs in the (sub)tropics and is caused by the malaria mosquito. About 10 days after being stung you will notice the first symptoms, such as;

  • Fever
  • muscle strain
  • Headache
  • Cold shivers

At first it looks like a bad flu.
After you have been infected, in certain forms the parasite can settle in your liver and multiply very quickly. After more than a week, the parasite enters the bloodstream and a few days later the red blood cell breaks down and continues to infect other red blood cells.
In principle, malaria is not contagious from person to person.

The different forms of malaria

  • Malaria Tropica is the most dangerous and most common form. If left untreated, you could be dead within weeks.
  • Malaria Tertiana and Malaria Quartana are not as dangerous as the first but must be treated. An attack of fever can occur every 2 to 3 days and can cause another attack years after infection.


Where is the malaria mosquito found?

The malaria mosquito is mainly found in tropical and subtropical areas (heat and high humidity). For Africa we talk about West, Central and East Africa and certain parts of South Africa. In Asia it only applies to South East Asia (e.g. Indonesia) and South America, especially the areas near the Amazon region. If in doubt, always ask.

How can you prevent malaria

On the one hand there is protection against mosquito bites on the outside and on the other hand there are the malaria tablets.
Since the malaria mosquito is active mainly in the evening (when the sun has set), a mosquito-free place to sleep (open windows during the day , install a screen window during the day) or a mosquito net is the most effective.
To be on the safe side, covering clothing is recommended and mosquito oil for the unprotected parts (must contain DEET).
There are different types of tablets on the market, ask your doctor or GGD for advice on which one to take for a specific area and when to start the treatment.
Prevention is better than cure!

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