Beauty: exfoliate

Exfoliating is important for beautiful, healthy skin, but when we start exfoliating, most people don’t go further than the lower legs or face. What are the options and why is it good to exfoliate?

Why exfoliate?

The skin is constructed in such a way that it continuously produces new skin cells. All cells are renewed every 3 to 4 weeks. In general, the old skin cells are removed naturally, during washing, clothing that rubs against your skin, etc. But this way not all old skin cells are removed and then scrubbing is a solution.
By regularly exfoliating, the new skin cells become visible. The visible skin is smoother and shinier (blood circulation is stimulated) and absorbs more of the outside and prevents imperfections, such as s;

  • Care products are better absorbed
  • Small fat spots and pimples disappear
  • Tan faster (applying remains a must!)
  • No ingrown hairs

Exfoliating the most sensitive areas of the skin is not recommended, such as;

  • around the eyes
  • lying around
  • on and around the labia
  • on and around the nipples
  • if you suffer from rosacea


How often

This depends entirely on your skin type. Twice a month is recommended for sensitive and dry skin. If your skin is normal to oily, the frequency can be increased and exfoliating 1 to 2 times a week is no problem.

Which scrub?

This is very personal, but the scrub is of course nicer for the facial skin than for the rest of the skin.
For the facial skin you have scrubs with fine to medium grains and most product lines for the face have 1 or 2 different scrubs in the range. For your body you have scrubs that are coarser than the scrubs for the facial skin, mud scrubs (e.g. from the Hammam line from the Bodyshop) and scrubs with sea salt, which goes a step further (e.g. from the Shiseido brand).
To create an optimal effect, a steam bath before scrubbing is recommended.


You can complete a good scrub treatment by applying a soft body lotion or body cream. In the line of the scrub product or a soothing product with a soft scent. Nice before going to sleep.

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