Live a calmer and more harmonious life thanks to yoga

Yoga comes from Sanskrit and means ‘unity’, ‘integration’, ‘discipline’. Yoga strives for unity between body and mind. There are plenty of reasons to start practicing yoga and you can practice it in different ways. It can even affect your sex life.

What is yoga?

Yoga consists of different forms. Here in the West , Hatha Yoga is mainly practiced. It teaches you the art of relaxation. You do exercises and you go as far as you can so that it still works. You will encounter blockages and the use of your breathing plays a major role in this. You focus your breathing on the part that hurts to promote healing. You also achieve a greater effect with your exercises by adjusting your breathing.

Reasons to do yoga

  • Yoga helps you combat stress
  • It has a positive effect on your immune system and has a good effect on the treatment of high blood pressure, back pain, chronic headaches,…
  • Yoga makes you more flexible and fit.
  • Yoga helps clear your mind and address your mood swings.
  • Doing yoga makes your life more harmonious. You learn to be more patient, more tolerant, more forgiving.
  • Yoga teaches you to let go of things, so that you feel liberated and happy.
  • You can do yoga anywhere.
  • Yoga ensures that your consciousness is sharpened. Your mind becomes clear and you become calmer.


Ways to practice yoga

Westerners regard yoga primarily as fitness training. But it is also used as therapy, for example for chronic back pain and rheumatism. In some Latin American countries it is even considered a sport and competitions take place there.
However, you can also view yoga as a way of life and adjust your eating and sleeping habits and the like accordingly. That does mean that you practice every day. Finally, there is also spiritual yoga that is all-encompassing and leads to enlightenment.

Yoga and sex

You can also bring your sexual life in line with your yoga ideals. Good sex presupposes a heart that is open to consciousness. This means that you focus your attention completely on it. You try to be with your partner not only physically, but also on an emotional and spiritual level. By practicing yoga regularly, you learn that it is not someone else who makes you happy, but that true happiness lies within you. When you come to this realization, the sexual energy can spread throughout your body instead of being limited to the genital area.

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