Shiny hair for sale!

Who doesn’t want beautiful, shiny hair. One has it by nature and the other had to make do with what mother nature had given. But that is no longer the case. Nowadays there is enough on the market to create beautiful shiny hair.

Why shiny hair

It is a beauty ideal based on the fact that shiny hair also represents health. If we go back in time, the healthiest women produced the best offspring. Let’s leave the good old days behind us and we now go for shiny hair simply because we like it. Still a beauty ideal but different, so to speak.

How do we get shiny hair


Start by blow-drying the hair properly. You do this by blow-drying along with the hair cuticles. So from the roots to your ends. Also use the correct nozzle on the hair dryer. It is best to use the nozzle that is slightly tapered and which you can apply specifically to a strand to be blow-dryed (nozzle). By blow-drying in this way you slowly smooth the hair cuticles.
Heat can be harmful to your hair anyway, so use a product that protects your hair from the heat. All well-known hair brands have such a product on their shelves. Prices vary from 4 euros to around 25 euros.


It may sound strange, but hair dye also makes your hair shine. Of course, if you’re not looking for a different color, that’s quite drastic. After all, dyeing your hair has a significant impact on your hair. But for those who want to dye their hair, this is a pleasant addition.

Hair straightener

The straightener also makes the hair shine. It has an even stronger effect on the hair cuticles than when you blow-dry it. Since the hair gets quite hot, using a product to protect your hair is not an unnecessary luxury. If you buy a hair straightener, make sure that the hair straightener has ceramic plates.


There are hairsprays for sale that also give a nice shine. Well-known brands such as Elnett, Goldwell and John Frieda have these polishes and the quality is not inferior to each other.

Shine product

If you have tried everything and it doesn’t work, there are also the gloss enhancers from a jar (or can actually). For example, the Body Shop, they have a product based on grapeseed oil or New Wave, they have a product that also prevents frizzy ends (also more common with longer hair).
And so everyone can have shiny hair

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