Aloe vera: the wonder plant for young and old

Aloe vera has been used since ancient times for its healing function. Yet many people do not yet know this plant. However, this is processed in a wide range of products: drinks, tea, toothpaste, gel, care products, perfume, cosmetics, you name it. But beware of counterfeit products! These have only a limited effect.

How can one recognize the original products?

These have a stamp on which the plant is depicted. The counterfeit products are usually cheaper, but contain only a small amount of the plant, so the effect is virtually non-existent. The original products use pure aloe vera gel.

10 unique benefits of aloe vera gel

  • It penetrates deep into the skin.
  • It has an antiseptic effect, which inhibits the growth or kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • It has a wound healing effect.
  • It has a calming effect on the nerves.
  • It has a beneficial effect on digestion.
  • It can relieve pain in muscles and joints.
  • It can suppress inflammatory responses.
  • It can suppress itching.
  • It is antipyretic.
  • It is natural and safe.


Sick today, cured tomorrow?

Aloe vera has a beneficial effect on the immune system . It has been given many nicknames, such as “miracle plant” and “plant of immortality”. But it does not act directly on the body like an aspirin. So you have to be patient and let the product take effect.
Many of the products have an extremely wide range of applications. Some examples:

  • The toothpaste is used for fresh breath, but also against bleeding gums, canker sores and tartar. What is not mentioned in the booklets, but proven by many people with cancer, is that if you swallow the toothpaste, your esophagus will not be burned by radiation.
  • The aloe lips or lip balm is a kind of first aid and you can go a long way with it if you always have it with you: it is used for diaper rash, sun allergy, wounds, itching, cold sores, pimples,…

Aloe vera can therefore help you live a healthier life . By the way, it is not only used by people with complaints. It also helps prevent complaints! After all, the plant contains no fewer than 200 different active substances.
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