Mathijs Vrieze, Good food and healthier weight loss

Mathijs Vrieze is the new diet guru, after Sonja Bakker he now also has a book with menus for healthy weight loss.

Who is Mathijs Vrieze

Mathijs Vrieze has been a chef in various restaurants in Alkmaar. In recent years he has also written for various cookbooks, magazines, diet books and magazines. Because there was increasing demand for his recipes, he has now written a book with menus and recipes for healthy weight loss.

Diet method

Mathijs de Vrieze does not use any special diet method, his goal is to lose weight, be fit and look good solely by following a healthy diet. The book provides tips and menus for people who want to lose weight responsibly .

The book

Much has been written and spoken about in the media about Mathijs de Vrieze’s book. Reports that he had plagiarized Sonja Bakker’s books (he also wrote recipes for Sonja Bakker’s books) appeared in the newspapers, along with Mathijs de Vrieze’s denial that he had committed plagiarism. It is clear that the book is a kind of Jamie Oliver/Sonja Bakker-like work. The front of the book is very “Jamie Oliver”, the menus are again à la Sonja Bakker. While Sonja Bakker’s diet has worked for many people, this will be the same for Mathijs de Vrieze.
A number of pages from his book can be viewed on Mathijs de Vrieze ‘s website . The book has 16 weekly menus, enough for almost 4 months. The book is divided into seasons, with recipes that suit them. Furthermore, it contains more than 100 recipes that are easy to prepare. Mathijs Vrieze also claims that with the help of the book you can lose 2 kg. can lose weight per month . He compiled the book based on recipes that he himself used to lose weight. The book has 144 pages.

Will this become the new diet hype?

It seems that Mathijs Vrieze is becoming quite popular. People are tired of Sonja Bakker and need a breath of fresh air in the diet field. In addition, Mathijs Vrieze elaborates on Sonja Bakker’s method of providing weekly menus. People experience it as easy when they do not have to think about what to eat, but are prescribed it. If there is sufficient variety in the menus, the book Good food and healthier weight loss will be sold eagerly in the Netherlands. Mathijs Vrieze has now been roped in by the free daily newspaper Metro to fill an entire page in this newspaper every week and from July 16 he can be seen in the new RTL4 program Eten & Daten.

Have people already successfully lost weight with this diet?

The book has already been received with enthusiasm by many: it looks nice, the menus are varied and the price of the book is not too bad, it is available in stores for about 15 euros. The book has already sold 50,000 copies in advance. However, the book has not been on the market for too long to report results. Are you curious whether it works and unsure whether you should purchase the book? Keep an eye on the internet, we will probably see reactions from people who have started the diet on forums of women’s magazines and diet websites in the near future .

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