Getting your ex back

You broke up, but you can’t forget your ex. You constantly find yourself in difficult situations. Your old sweetheart has someone else. Or you have someone else and now your ex wants you back, or what about sex with your ex? Here are a few tips to protect yourself against the pitfalls of the Ex.

Your ex with someone else

Very annoying: you walk around the corner. Your ex strolls in front of you hand in hand with a new crush. They are laughing and clearly having a good time. You find yourself becoming so incredibly jealous. What does the other person have that you don’t have? You can drive yourself crazy with the image of your ex with someone else. Even if you don’t literally see it happening before your eyes, the thought of it can keep coming back to your mind.
Very annoying. Especially if you feel very hurt. Fortunately, there is a trick to make jealous thoughts less painful. If you vividly recall an image, such as the image of your ex with someone else, in scents and colors and with all the details, then when you think of that image, all the emotions you feel about it will come alive in you. come upstairs. If you imagine the image of your ex with the other person as if in a black and white film, you will notice that it affects you less and that you feel the emotions less intensely. It is even more effective to imagine them on a television. Now imagine that you use the brightness button on the television to make the image brighter and brighter until it is finally completely white. Every time you have an unpleasant thought about your ex, you try to make the image completely white in your mind. You will notice that when you do this you do not feel any painful emotions. With this simple trick you will find that jealous thoughts disappear quickly!

Your ex wants you back

Sometimes you don’t understand it anymore. The other person has broken up with you, but when you have a new boyfriend, your ex suddenly thinks, “Oh… I let him/her go” and becomes jealous. Think carefully about whether your ex is sincere. Is it really about you, or does your ex still want to have a say in your life? Did your ex want you back when you were still alone? Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking about everything. Or talking into bed. Or get your head spinning. It doesn’t matter for nothing, does it? Your ex may not be quick to admit it, but ten to one the jealous behavior is based on fear. As long as you were still grieving, it was safe for your ex. After all, you still cared about him/her. But the moment you move on, your ex is confronted with his own insecurities about the future. This is why your ex is still trying to keep in touch with you. When he says nasty things, for example about his new love, it is usually not deliberately mean. Your ex is just trying to reassure himself that what he’s doing still affects you. As long as he still has influence over you, he doesn’t have to think about his own fears. It is best to ignore your ex, because it is of no use to him or her to bring you back, even though you are doing better. Of course, it may also be that the ex is genuinely sorry and wants you back. If that’s what you really want, first see if your ex really intends to do his/her best for you.

Sex with your ex

No matter how tempting it is sometimes, it is better not to date your ex anymore. Because it can really mess up your feelings. Because it is so intimate, it can bring back a lot of old feelings, because sex with your ex is never simple. Ask yourself carefully why you want sex with your ex. Do you want to try to get your ex back this way? Then be honest with yourself, because there is a good chance that you will only be hurt worse. If you are heartbroken, you may secretly hope that everything will turn out well again. And maybe your ex doesn’t want you back at all and is only after sex. In that case, it’s better that it’s over, because you’re worth more.

Wait until you feel better

Many heartbroken people lock themselves up at home. You too? Do you no longer feel like doing anything and are you wallowing in self-pity? Do you secretly hope that your ex realizes how difficult it is for you and that he/she will therefore come back to you? Or do you wait until you feel better again? Sitting at home moping doesn’t make anyone happy. The most important thing to get over it is to experience as many new, fun things as possible and meet new people. So go out as much as possible, that works best!

All tips at a glance:

  • Think about your ex with his new flame in black and white television images
  • Don’t take your ex seriously if he/she suddenly wants you back when you have someone else
  • Think very carefully about your motives before jumping into bed with your ex
  • Go out and meet new people
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