Partner selection: an introduction

It is always very difficult to determine whether someone is suitable for a relationship. Or even better, for a relationship with you! There are a number of factors you can focus on in your search for the suitable partner. These factors are of course not static, the most important thing remains your feeling, trust yourself and your intuition, these are often the best advisors…

Be ready for a relationship together

How often do you hear that your best friend has been punished because her boyfriend found the relationship too serious and too serious? A common mistake is to assume that your boyfriend or girlfriend has the same expectations from the relationship as you do. Just because you are ready for a serious relationship does not mean that the other person is too.

Philosophy of life

The beliefs of both partners can play a strong role in the relationship, especially when their beliefs clash . It is important that you learn to accept and accept each other’s beliefs unconditionally . However, the chance of a serious relationship remains greatest when both partners share the same beliefs.


You have people who look quite like a yo-yo . These people are never sure about anything and doubt everything, including the relationship. These are often people who have had various relationships in the past for short periods of time. These people are often very honest in their ideas about the relationship (‘I don’t want stability’) but do not behave accordingly. They go out for dinner with you, on holiday, stay over, etc. But also say, when the relationship does come to an end, that you can’t complain because they said it from the beginning. It is wise to set a test date for yourself with a yo-yoer. If someone has not made a choice after a few months, end the relationship yourself to save yourself a lot of grief.


Amazingly, your parents have quite a lot of influence on your choice of partner, even though you probably are n’t aware of it! People whose parents are divorced usually eventually marry, but have little confidence in marriage . Living together is fine, but marriage puts a kind of strain on the relationship.

Social economical status

Another crucial factor for the success of a relationship is the socio-economic status of both people, and especially the combination of these. When the backgrounds are very similar, the chance of success is greater than when the backgrounds are very different from each other. It is often said that opposites attract, but for a serious relationship that has a good chance of success, partners with similar backgrounds are more suitable.

Love yourself

You are most attractive when you radiate that you like yourself and that you are satisfied with yourself. Insecurity often causes closedness and this repels others, because they get the impression that you are not open to them, even though you may be! Pay a lot of attention to yourself and your appearance, accept yourself as you are.

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