Eating out healthy

You are losing weight nicely. You have already lost quite a few pounds. Now you are being asked out for a nice meal. That is difficult. You are surrounded by delicious dishes. You’ll almost have to put your diet aside for all those goodies. However, there are a number of ways to enjoy a restaurant visit without having to deviate from your diet.

Special requests

Many restaurants allow you to submit a special request. Most restaurant are very helpful in this area. If you want to be sure, ask before you make a reservation whether the restaurant is willing to cooperate. If you have the opportunity, try to view the menu before you go out to eat; some restaurants can do this via the Internet. This way you know in advance what you are going to eat and what requests you can make.

What can you pay attention to?

  • If you choose a dish with a cheese sauce, ask if tomato sauce can be added. Then do this without meat or minced meat.
  • Ask if the dressing and sauces can be served in a separate bowl. This way you have control over the quantity.
  • If you take a dish that contains butter, ask for low-fat margarine.
  • Choose grilled meat instead of baking or roasting. That is much healthier.
  • Don’t have fried potatoes or fries, but opt for boiled potatoes. Even if this is not on the menu, feel free to ask.
  • If you order a breaded product, ask if they can also prepare it without breading. With some products this is not a problem.


What is the best choice at which restaurant?

Greek restaurant

Choose grilled meat such as souvlaki or prawns. Otherwise, opt for a fish dish.

Chinese restaurant

Avoid satay sauce but opt for soy sauce. Also choose steamed vegetables (for example TjapTjoi) and choose grilled or roasted meat. Don’t take noodles or nasi but go for boiled rice.

Italian restaurant

Avoid cheese sauces and go for the tomato sauce. Choose the veal dishes or the fish dishes. There are also plenty of salads made from tomatoes, vegetables and mozzarella. If you want a pizza, order one without cheese, bacon or salami. Go for the pizza with vegetables, tuna or ham. Avoid dishes prepared with cream.

Indian restaurant

Go for the dishes with little sauce. Vegetable-based sauces are best. Indian food is often prepared with oil. You can safely ask the chef to add less oil to the food.

Mexican restaurant

Try to avoid crème fraîche, guacamole and dishes with a lot of cheese. Go for the spicy chicken, beans, tomato sauce and corn tortillas.


Of course, you don’t have to take a three-course meal in a restaurant. Make a clear choice of what you want to eat. For example, skip the appetizer and have coffee instead of ice cream. If you want a starter, it is best to skip the dessert. Then choose soup instead of baguette with herb butter as a starter. If you still want a dessert, you can always share it with a table companion.

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