Care of your lips

Taking care of your lips is also very important. Yet we often forget this. Strange actually because you always use your lips. Below are some tips to care for your lips.


By scrubbing you remove all the dead skin cells and this makes your skin feel nice and soft again. You can also scrub your lips. You can do this with the following means:

  • A wet toothbrush. You start to put a little bit of lip balm on your lips. Then you take a toothbrush, wet it a bit and start to run soft circles over your lips.
  • A sugar cube. This is also a perfect way to exfoliate your lips. You also gently run small circles over your lips with the sugar cube.
  • A paste of sugar and honey. Add a little sugar to the honey. Mix this and gently scrub your lips. Your lips immediately feel soft.
  • A rough towel. You can also get beautiful smooth lips with a rough towel. Gently rub your lips with the towel.


After scrubbing

After scrubbing, your lips still need moisture. You therefore need to hydrate them. This way your lips remain nice and supple and soft. Do not wet them with your tongue. This causes your lips to dry out and can irritate them. You can use the following things:

  • Lip balm
  • A layer of Vaseline
  • A nourishing, moisturizing lipstick.
  • A homemade mask. You can make this from moisturizing cream and a little honey. If you apply this before you go to sleep, you will have wonderfully soft lips the next day.


Color your lips

If you want to color your lips, you should remember to choose a color that suits your face. Below are a few color tips:

  • Mother of pearl lipstick. This emphasizes the fine lines around your lips.
  • Light colors. If you have thin lips, it is best to use light lipstick colors.
  • Red undertone. Lipstick with a red undertone makes your teeth appear whiter.
  • Orange undertone. Lipstick with an orange undertone actually makes your teeth appear yellower.
  • Lip gloss. The shine of your lip gloss also makes your lips appear smaller.
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