Vomit, vomit, vomit

Vomit, or vomit, is what comes out of the human body. The muscles of the esophagus and stomach work in exactly the opposite way. Instead of taking everything to the intestines, everything is spit out again. Vomit often has a very sour smell.

Gastric acid

People usually feel a vomit coming on. They can then go to the toilet just in time to let everything out. Vomit has a quite sour smell. This is due to the gastric juices in the stomach. This stomach acid is needed to digest the food. As a result, the vomit that leaves the body usually has a very sour smell.

Nauseous feeling

Vomiting usually happens when one has eaten something wrong. People can also suffer from it if the stomach and intestines are affected by a virus or bacteria. It is also possible that a car ride or boat trip makes you feel nauseous, because it often fluctuates quite a bit. These fluctuations disrupt the balance organ and increase the risk of motion sickness. Pills are available for motion sickness.


The stomach contents can look different. The color can vary from green to brown and it may contain chunks or it may be a liquid mess. That depends on what was eaten. It also plays a role in how long the food has been in the stomach. If the vomit is green in color, the stomach was probably completely empty. Due to the poor condition, it is possible that people may vomit. If there is nothing in the stomach to get out, bile is vomited. That stuff comes from the liver and is stored in the gallbladder. Just like stomach acid, bile is also necessary for proper digestion of food.


Large puddles of acidic sludge are no exception at pubs. Drinking too much alcohol irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach wall. If you drink too much, the mucous membrane even becomes irritated. The stomach wants to get rid of the alcohol as quickly as possible. This causes the wall of the stomach to contract, causing everything to come out.


There are people who find vomiting so bad that they do everything they can to prevent it. For example, these people keep a close eye on their diet and check whether the food has expired. They do everything they can to prevent bad bacteria from being on the food and they avoid drunk people. If they see a drunk person vomiting, they think there is a good chance that the same thing will happen to them.


There are many different words for the word vomit, just like the stuff that comes out: vomit. A brief summary:


Vomiting, necking, crumbling, gobbling, vomiting and swallowing are synonyms for the word vomiting.


Vomit, vomit and stomach dung are synonyms for the word vomit.
Vomit is usually used even though it is the least fresh or neat word. Vomit or vomit are nicer words.

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