Sex is good for your fitness!

You may not believe it, but sex is very good for your fitness, muscle development and your appearance. In addition, you also burn a lot of calories during a long sex session. Moreover, sex is generally a lot of fun to do. Below you can read why sex is good for your condition.

Sex and fitness

A vigorous sex session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. These 20 to 30 minutes can be very strenuous and therefore good for your condition. In general, exercise advice is 30 minutes of exercise/sports per day. And what is a more fun way to exercise than sex. Another big advantage of having sex is that you burn a lot of calories during sex. You can burn around 300 i per sex session. So if you want to lose a few pounds, you know what to do.


During a woman’s orgasm , endorphins are produced. This substance ensures that the pain threshold becomes twice as high. This is because endorphins have an analgesic effect. According to some studies, endorphins are as effective as two paracetamol. So ladies: you suffer from headaches, sex can take away the pain.
Ejaculation is very healthy for men. During ejaculation, carcinogens are flushed away, reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
An intense sex session causes your heart to beat up to 100 extra beats per minute. This makes your blood flow faster and your heart and blood vessels are flushed out as well.

Training muscles

If you do different positions during your lovemaking, you train a number of muscles very intensively. It is therefore not without reason that your muscles tremble after a good sex session. This is not only because of the pleasure you have just had, but also because of the effort.

Good resistance

Regular sex also improves your resistance. Because your condition improves, your resistance also immediately improves. When you have sex, your body temperature also increases. By temporarily raising your body temperature, any viruses in your body can be killed.


Dopamine is produced during sex. This substance ensures that you feel relaxed and blissful after sex. In addition to dopamine, the substances oxytocin and vasopressin are also produced during sex. These two substances ensure that the partners feel connected and oxytocin also provides a soothing effect. The combination of these fabrics ensures that you fall asleep easily and wonderfully relaxed.

Sex is beautiful

Regular sex makes you more beautiful. During sex, the female hormone estrogen and sweat are produced. This cleanses the pores, making the skin and hair shine. People who are sexually active look more attractive and healthier. There is
generally a lot of kissing during sex . By kissing you reduce the acidity in the saliva, which reduces the risk of cavities in the teeth.
By having more sex you also feel more like having sex. The body becomes healthier, you feel better about yourself and you have a better mood.

In short: sex keeps your body in shape

Finally, I have just one more thing to add. Free safe or not free!

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