Why do babies cry?

For many parents, a baby’s cry is often the worst sound they know. It is not always possible to find a reason why a baby cries so often and a lot. It often involves an interaction or accumulation of factors. But, the crying will pass and perhaps faster than you think.

Why does a baby cry?

This question is actually easy to answer: because all babies cry. That’s very common. After all, it is the only way for a baby to show that something is wrong. It is a survival mechanism that ensures that the baby’s environment is not forgotten.

Crying behavior

Some babies always cry at a fixed time. This is called the crying hour . It is sometimes claimed that this crying hour depends on the time of year in which the child was born.
Winter children were more likely to cry between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., while summer children were more likely to do so between 7 and 10 p.m.
But no matter when your child is born, the crying will naturally decrease as he gets older. The difference in crying behavior between babies also has to do with differences in their temperament (the time they need to become balanced). Some babies just need more time to get used to life outside the womb.

Attention and comfort

Even if there is nothing really wrong, a baby never cries for no reason. Often he just wants to be comfortable, and comforting and paying attention is enough to calm him down again. Paying attention to a child is not the same as spoiling a child.
Important: Responding immediately to your child’s cry will show that you have heard her/his message. This gives a child a feeling of safety and security . Children who cry a lot especially need this feeling. So you can comfort your child as often as you want.


It will often quickly become clear why a baby is crying. Common causes include:

  • Being hungry
  • A dirty diaper
  • Being too cold or too hot

Usually the latter will be the case. Parents often wrap their child too tightly, which causes heat build-up and your baby will start to cry.


If your child continues to cry, it is understandable that you are concerned about this. Take this concern seriously and go to a GP or go to a child health clinic (an institute within Youth Health Care). After all, it can’t hurt to have your baby examined. A small number of babies cry once because something is wrong physically.

Learn to listen

Try to listen to the type of crying your baby makes. This may help you recognize what your baby needs.

  • The cry of pain usually sounds shrill
  • Crying from hunger is often a bit more compelling
  • Usually whiny from boredom
  • And often harsh with anger



Always check if something is wrong when you hear your baby crying! If your baby often cries because of boredom or other things, it may be that your child also cries once about something else. That is why you should always check why your baby is crying.

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