Acne, blackheads and pimples

The horror of every teenager. Pimples, acne and blackheads. You can fall through the floor when you stand in front of the mirror and you discover a large red bump on your nose again.


Acne is nothing more than a blockage of the sebaceous gland. Sebum keeps the skin supple and protects the skin against dehydration. The sebaceous gland has an opening. This is called a pore. Sebum can escape through this pore.


Blackheads are sebum accumulation under the skin. The accumulation is in the drainage duct of the sebaceous gland. The sebum accumulation is a mixture of dead skin cells and sebum. You have black and white blackheads. With the blackhead, the pore is still a bit empty and a black dot appears. This black dot is not dirt, but a pigment of the skin. The white blackhead is a pore that is completely closed. The accumulation causes a white bump to form.

Pimples / Pustules

The clogged sebaceous gland can become inflamed. This inflammation is caused by a bacterium that is normally found on the skin. The inflammation becomes a red pimple or pimple with a white (pus) head. This cup is a mixture of sebum and pus just under the skin. The inflammation can also be much deeper in the skin. You will then get a large red pimple, which can be very painful.

What can you do about this?

  • Eat a lot of fruit, drink a lot of water, smoking is bad and get enough sleep. Too much sun makes things worse.
  • Use water-based make-up and clean your skin twice a day. Preferably with lukewarm/warm water and pH neutral soap.
  • If you already suffer from pimples, you can use a cleansing milk.
  • You should not squeeze or scratch the white pimples. This often leaves you with ugly scars.
  • You can squeeze out the black ones as well as the more mature pimples. Do this after you have had a hot shower. The pores are then well open. However, be careful not to do everything too hard and too wildly. You get scars quickly. You can always ask a beautician for advice. Sunlight can help with inflammation, but only in a dry climate.


What could make things worse?

  • Some medications
  • Anabolic steroids
  • The pill, if the pill makes your pimples or acne worse, you can always ask your doctor for another pill.
  • If you pinch or scratch too much, you can also make things worse.
  • Do not use oil-based make-up. This is often too greasy.
  • Stress. If you are stressed, this often contributes to emerging pimples and acne.



You won’t get acne from eating chocolate or pork. However, this is a fable. According to psychologists, it seems as if you get more pimples after eating chocolate, because you look in the mirror more often and the pimples become more noticeable. You also won’t get pimples or acne because you don’t wash yourself properly. Your sexual nature also has nothing to do with acne and/or pimples.

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