Plastic surgery – Abdominoplasty and skin lift

If the skin on your abdomen is so loose that it starts to sag, an abdominoplasty is the only solution. Other body parts (arms, thighs and breasts) with sagging skin in a very advanced stage can also be lifted. An abdominoplasty and a skin lift are therefore only for people whose problem cannot be solved with diets and creams. It is also recommended if the excess skin is accompanied by stretch marks or if liposculpture is not possible because your skin is too sagging.

Mini abdominoplasty (miniabdominoplasty)

A mini abdominoplasty (also known as mini abdominoplasty) only treats the lower part of the abdomen, i.e. the part between the navel and the pubic area. The excess skin and fat are removed and the lower abdominal muscles are tightened again. The scars are located at the pubic hairline and the bikini line.
Any drains will only remain in place for a few days after the operation. Sutures are usually removed ten days after the procedure. You are not allowed to perform any strenuous activities (sports, household) for a month and you are not allowed to take baths. You will have to wear special, supportive clothing (a kind of corset) for at least two weeks.
Cost of mini abdominoplasty: approximately 1700 euros.

Abdominoplasty (abdominoplasty or tummy tuck)

A complete abdominoplasty (tummy tuck or abdominoplasty) treats the entire abdomen and not just the lower part. The abdominal skin and muscles are tensed downwards. This means that the navel must also be removed. During a tummy tuck, the scars are located around the navel and pubic area and in the groin. Scars may possibly extend towards the back. An abdominoplasty is often eligible for a partial refund. Contact your health insurance fund for certainty.
An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is also useful if the very sagging skin is accompanied by stretch marks (also called stretch marks or stretch marks). This is because a large part of the skin on which the stretch marks are located is removed. The stretch marks are literally cut away (note, this is only possible if your skin is very loose and drooping).
The aftercare for a full abdominoplasty is the same as for a mini abdominoplasty.
Cost of abdominoplasty: Between 1700 and 4000 euros.

Arm lift

With an arm lift, an incision is made in the armpit or on the inside of the arm to remove excess skin. The scars are therefore located in inconspicuous areas. Sometimes liposculpture is necessary to remove excess fat. A drain is placed at the armpit to remove excess wound fluid. This is usually removed again after a few days. You are not allowed to do any heavy physical work (sports, heavy household chores) for a month after the operation. You should also avoid baths and tanning beds for several weeks.
Cost of arm lift: approximately 210 euros.

Thigh lift

If the skin on the inside and/or outside of your thighs is very sagging, you can consider a thigh lift. The operation is also ideal for removing stretch marks, but this is only possible if you also suffer from drooping skin in addition to stretch marks. Remember that the scars for a thigh lift are quite large and are located vertically on the inner thighs. These scars will remain noticeable for at least three months, but after that they will begin to fade.
Sutures are removed about ten days after the operation. You should wear covering, supportive clothing for two weeks to encourage scar healing and you should not take a bath during this period (however showering is allowed).
Price: about 2000 euros.

Breast lift or sagging plasty

Many women make the mistake of opting for a regular breast enlargement if they suffer from sagging, sagging breasts. If the lack of volume is due to sagging skin, it is better to opt for a breast lift (and possibly combine this with a breast enlargement). If you suffer from sagging skin and you opt for breast enlargement, you will get thick, low-hanging breasts. Not very aesthetically pleasing, then. A breast lift causes larger scars than a breast enlargement. If your breasts sag, but the result is not extreme, the plastic surgeon may choose a mini-lift. This is only a minor procedure and is done under local anesthesia.
Sutures will be removed ten days after the procedure and you will need to wear a supportive bra for two weeks. During this period you are also not allowed to take a bath (showering is allowed).
Cost of breast lift: approximately 5000 euros.

General anesthesia or local anesthesia?

In most cases, no real anesthesia or anesthesia is used for all these procedures. Strong sedatives are injected intravenously, but no tube is placed in the throat and you do not need to be mechanically ventilated. So you only sleep during the operation. A stay in the day clinic is usually sufficient; so you can go home the same evening.


Complications are rather rare, but allergic reactions, lymph swelling and bleeding are possible. Avoid an abdominoplasty and skin lift if you have heart problems or suffer from severe forms of asthma or liver cirrhosis. Smoking and the use of blood-thinning medications are not permitted.

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