Love life Cancer with Aries partner

A relationship between a female Cancer and a male Aries often goes better than between a male Cancer and a female Aries. A point of friction may be that Aries naturally has a great desire for freedom, something that Cancer lacks.


Aries are easily impatient and if they become anxious they are able to hurt the Cancer to the depths of the soul. Cancer’s reaction to this behavior will add fuel to Aries’ fire, and before you know it, a big argument will break out. Aries has a strong tendency to seek refuge outside the home and is therefore often not a very good housewife or family man. This point can also cause a quarrel between both zodiac signs. Aries generally has little understanding for the naturally romantic Cancer. An Aries likes to keep both feet on the ground and does not like things that seem vague to him.


However, there are also advantages that can positively influence a combination of the two. Cancer naturally loves to take care of things, and that’s a good thing because Aries generally needs care. An Aries is often busy pursuing his or her goals and pays little attention to his own person. So that Cancer is the ideal person to fill this gap. In addition, Cancer often has to self-efface because Aries often tends to only think about themselves.


Most relationships between Cancer and Aries end sooner or later in divorce. Cancer often drops out because he cannot unite with Aries’ highly egocentric way of life. Or will the Aries run off on its own, because the Aries is naturally inclined to change partners.

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