Choose the hairstyle that suits your face and personality

If you are looking for the perfect long, medium or short haircut, you should first pay attention to the shape of your face, the style you currently have, and of course your own unique personality. If you rely solely on the shape of your face, you might not be satisfied with the outcome. The basic face shapes include oval, rectangular or oblong, round, angular, heart-shaped, triangular and diamond-shaped. To find out what shape your face is you will first have to measure, start with your face crosswise the top of your cheekbones, then measure your jawline from the very point to the very point crosswise, after this you measure the forehead crosswise, and up to Finally, measure from the hairline to the tip of the chin. Remember to write down all measurements.
With this information you should be able to determine what face shape you have. Now you can determine which hairstyle best suits the shape of your face.


A face with an oval shape gives you the opportunity to get practically any hairstyle, from long hair to medium hair or a short cut. Now your personality comes into play. Depending on the activities you do, you may choose to wear your hair shorter instead of tying it up during sports activities, for example, or to not let the hair get in the way of all kinds of other activities. To give you an idea, look at some famous people with oval faces with different hairstyles, such as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Mariah Carey.


If the shape of your face is rectangular or elongated, it is best to opt for a model with short or medium hair. Bangs can make your face look softer and friendlier. Famous people with a rectangular face are Kirstie Alley, Stephanie Seymour and Janet Jackson.


A round face is best suited for short hairstyles where the style is cut away from the face, creating more fullness and height on the top of the head. Kate Winslet, Christina Ricci, and Drew Barrymore all have round faces and look great with a wide variety of hairstyles.


For an angular face, it is best to choose a short to medium haircut and certainly not straight long hair. Well-known examples with an angular face are Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and Holly Marie Combs.

Heart shape

For a heart-shaped face, hair length down to the chin or long hair is best suited, short haircuts are best avoided. Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucy Lawless, and Claudia Schiffer all belong to the club of heart-shaped faces.


If you have a triangular face, the opposite of a heart-shaped face applies. In that case, it is best to get a short haircut. Kathy Ireland is a good example of a famous person with a triangular shaped face.


A diamond-shaped face is just as pleasant in terms of hairstyles as an oval face. In that case, you can choose between short hair, medium hair or long hair and look beautiful. Famous examples with such a face include Sophia Loren, Katherine Hepburn, and Linda Evangelista.

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