Sonja Bakker: The diet guru of the 21st century

Diet guru Sonja Bakker has conquered the Netherlands in recent years with her recipes and weekly menus. As if this isn’t enough, she now wants to start with the rest of the world. But is her waste principle really that healthy?


Sonja Bakker takes a very smart approach. She develops standard recipes that can be used by everyone. You don’t have to think about anything anymore. Entire daily and weekly menus are described in detail in her books. You only have to buy the ingredients from the ingredients list and prepare the recipes. You no longer have to pay attention to what contains many and few calories and how to prepare it. Sonja has already sorted this all out for you. A few weeks of SonjaBakkeren and the kilos will fly off. At least, that’s what she makes you believe.


Most diets make you lose weight quickly, but then gain it back just as quickly. This danger also lurks at SonjaBakkeren. In the beginning it is still a lot of fun, following the recipes from the book. But after you have tried all the recipes, you will want to make your own trusted recipes again. The diet guru’s book ends up somewhere at the back of the bookcase and you continue as usual. The SonjaBakkeren is a hype. Once the novelty wears off, it’s no longer fun and you fall back into your old pattern. Sonja Bakker provides ready-made recipes, but no tips for adjusting your diet yourself.


There have been many discussions about whether the Sonja Bakker diet is really that healthy. She has adapted her books based on these discussions. For example, she added oily fish to her recipes, because the essential fish fatty acids were underrepresented in her menus. At the moment her recipes are quite healthy. But a major drawback of Sonja Bakker’s recipes is that she does not take into account a person’s individual nutritional needs. A 2 meter man needs much more energy, protein and micronutrients than a 1.50 meter woman. A young athlete also needs much more energy than an 80-year-old passive woman. The danger here is that some people do not consume enough energy and nutrients to function properly. Every person is unique and needs a personal diet.


If you are serious about losing weight and maintaining your target weight over the long term, it is best to see a dietitian. She will work with you to create a personal diet, tailored to your nutritional needs and eating habits. She ensures that you can lose weight by making small adjustments to your diet. The dietitian takes your nutritional preferences into account and ensures that you lose weight in the most pleasant way. She also teaches you to gain insight into the nutritional values of products, so that you can vary yourself. The dietitian provides support. As soon as you no longer feel like doing it, she is there to motivate you again and deal with setbacks. SonjaBakkeren is a temporary solution, but the dietician ensures lasting results!

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