Tips for expressive eyes

Quickly applying some eye shadow in the morning doesn’t make much difference. Of course you have something on your eyes, but it actually has no effect. If you want your eyes to stand out more and become real eye-catchers, take a look at the tips and tricks below. It functions!

The base

A good base is very important for any make-up. Therefore, first clean your eyes thoroughly. This can be done quickly with an eye lotion and a cotton pad.
By applying foundation under your eye shadow, your makeup will stay in place better. You can also use powder for this. That goes a little faster.

The shape and position of your eyes

Small eyes, big eyes, eyes that are close together, eyes that are far apart… they come in all shapes and sizes. Below are some tips that you can apply to enhance the shape of your eyes.

Small eyes

You can make small eyes bigger by using mainly light colors on the eyelids. This will make your eyes pop and appear bigger. Using mascara can also enhance your look. Make sure that you distribute the mascara evenly over the lashes so that it does not clump together.

Eyes that are close together

There’s a handy trick for this. Apply lighter colors to the inner corners of your eyes and use darker colors on the outsides.

Eyes set far apart

Here you can do the same as for eyes that are close to each other, but the other way around. So apply a dark color to the inner corners of your eyes and use lighter colors on the outsides.

Asian eyes

Your eyes will appear prettier and stand out more if you apply your eye shadow vertically instead of horizontally.

Drooping eyelids

To make your eyes stand out better with drooping eyelids, it is best to apply color to the outer corners of the eyes. This makes the drooping of your eyelids much less noticeable because attention goes to the outer corners. You can work the colors upwards and outwards.

Glasses wearers

It’s a shame, but as soon as you put on glasses, your makeup will weaken. So turn on your makeup a little harder if you wear glasses and you will notice that it looks much better. Avoid anything that glitters, such as metallic shades.

Round eyes

For round eyes, do not use eyeliner on the lower lash line. This accentuates the round shape. You can elongate round eyes by applying color to the center of your eye and on the outside.

The right color for your eyes

Certain colors can make your eyes stand out better. Below is a description of which colors best match which eye color.
Are you looking for an eye shadow that matches the color of your eyes?

Green and green-brown eyes

Purple, brown, moss green, khaki, apricot, lime, gold, grass green.

Blue and gray eyes

Gray, violet, purple, dark blue, taupe, black, silver, fucsia, turquise.
Tip: a blue color that is one shade darker than your own eyes makes your eyes look very blue.

Brown eyes

Bronze, beige, brown, champagne, copper, khaki green, bright pink, lime, royal blue, salmon.

Other tips


Never epilate your eyebrows at the top. Really limit yourself to the bottom. If you don’t do this, you distort the natural arc.
You can have your eyebrows colored. This gives a very natural effect. You can color at a beauty center, but you can also get paint yourself at the drugstore.


Use a damp cotton swab and apply the same color eye shadow. Run this over the line of the eyeliner. It will then stay in place longer.


Never pump out the mascara with the brush. This will cause it to dry out faster and the chance of clumping will also be greater. It is better to remove your mascara in circular movements.
Is your mascara running low making it difficult to remove it? Then immerse your mascara in very hot water for a minute. The mascara will then become more fluid and easier to use.
It is very annoying if mascara gets on your eyelids during application. A simple trick for this is to place a convex plastic spoon against the back of your lashes. This way the excess mascara ends up on the spoon and not on your house.
You can have your eyelashes colored. This gives a very natural effect. You can color at a beauty center, but you can also get paint yourself at the drugstore.

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