Lip balm, a harmless addiction

In the first drugstore you will be overwhelmed by the range of lip balms and lip glosses. There is a wide choice of ointments for every type of lip problem, all of which promise miracles. But is this also the case or are there other solutions?

Lip balms are an addiction?

Many people apply a stick or tube to their lips from one of the well-known brands. These balms should prevent dry lips and even cracking of lips. However, there is a great deal of discussion on this topic on the Internet. Some argue that by using lip balm the lips will get used to the constant supply of fat and will use less fat themselves. This would require even more lip balm and create a vicious circle.
Even more suspicious are the comments on the internet stating that lip balm manufacturers add extra substances to the balm that would actually dry out your lips. This would strengthen the addiction.
These claims have previously been checked by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA in The Hague). Fortunately, this indicates that the use of lip balm in itself is not addictive. And logically, the base consists of a fat, usually spreadable cocoa butter, which is a harmless substance.
The claim that the lips become accustomed to the butter and therefore produce less fat is confirmed on the one hand and denied on the other.
The VWA states that there is a grain of truth in this story, if you are a regular user of lip balm and suddenly stop using it, it will indeed take some time before the natural balance of your lips is restored and you will therefore suffer from dryness for a while. lips. However, a professor of dermatology, who you may assume knows his stuff, denies this. Lips hardly produce any fat or sebum, making it impossible for addicted lips to develop.

Why then can’t some people stop smearing?

Whoever is right in the addiction discussion, it is certain that there are plenty of people who continue to use the drug, summer and winter. These are probably also people who are fixated on their lips and want them to always look great. Someone who spends a lot of time with their lips will also lick their lips more. The evaporation of saliva actually causes the lips to dry out, which could easily explain the addiction.

What can you do for beautiful lips?

  • Do not lick too much, this will prevent dehydration
  • Instead of the long-lasting lipstick, which dries out much more than a regular lipstick, use the slightly greasy regular variant.
  • Depending on the severity of your problem, lubricate your lips with Vaseline 1-2 times a day and then gently brush them with a toothbrush that is not too hard or a special lip brush.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • When the central heating is on, the air can become very dry, especially in the bedroom, this can have quite an effect on your lips. You can make the air less dry by hanging “water containers” on the central heating system.
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