Eating organic food is healthier and better for animals

Organic food is better for the well-being of the animals, better for the environment and it is tastier than the regular version. In addition, organic food is a lot healthier. It contains more nutrients and fewer artificial additives. Dairy, such as milk and yogurt, contains more healthy fatty acids and no antibiotics and hormones. Meat is healthier and has more flavor because the cattle are outside and receive less feed. Fruits and vegetables do not contain pesticides.


Organic bread is baked at a lower temperature than ‘normal’ bread. During the normal process, many nutrients are lost due to the high temperature. In addition, fewer additives (bread improvers) are used in organic bread.
Sometimes organic bread is prepared with sourdough, which gives a typical sour taste. But you can often also find organic bread where the dough is made in the normal way, but with organic products. For example, the cultivation of organic wheat does not use artificial fertilizers and pesticides.


Organic milk contains more healthy fatty acids than ‘regular’ milk. This mainly concerns omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for strengthening the immune system and preventing cardiovascular disease, allergies and asthma. Because the cows at organic dairy farms roam outside, they eat more grass clovers and receive less concentrates than cows at regular dairy farms.
Organic dairy is free of antibiotics and hormones , which regularly end up in animal feed and thus also end up in milk, yogurt and other dairy products. Organic dairy products must also not use chemical fragrances, colourants, flavorings or preservatives.


In organic meat you will not find substances such as antibiotics and growth hormones that appear in ‘normal’ meat. The use of animal meal in livestock feed poses a risk of BSE, which can cause the brain disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob. Animals in organic livestock farming eat more outside, which means they receive less feed.
There is now organic pork , beef , chicken and other organic poultry meat products . Organic veal and lamb are not sold based on the principle of not selling meat from animals that are not mature. No chemical fragrances, colorings or additives may be added when preparing organic meat and meat products.


Organic lettuce contains more vitamins and minerals than ‘normal’ lettuce. In fact, pre-packed regular lettuce is washed in a mixture of water and chlorine, which has an antibacterial effect and keeps the lettuce crispy for longer. The lettuce bags are then filled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen before being sealed.
‘Regular’ tomatoes from Italy and Spain regularly contain too many pesticides, this also applies to peppers. No chemical pesticides are used for organic vegetables .


Even ‘normal’ fruit is regularly found to contain too many pesticides to repel fungi and insects. No pesticides are used in organic farming, because these could have undesirable effects on the immune system and hormone balance.


Organic oil is produced at a lower temperature, because at a higher temperature the unsaturated fatty acids (the healthy ones) convert into saturated fatty acids (the unhealthy ones).


There are of course many more organic products. Organic food is made without pesticides, chemical additives, fragrances , colorings and flavorings . As a result, almost every organic product is healthier than its normal version.


Unfortunately, the organic version costs more than the ‘normal’ version. This is of course because it takes more time to let your animals grow up naturally instead of administering growth hormones. In addition, the costs per product are higher, because the choice is not made for the cheapest solution, but for the best solution.
But organic food also costs more because fewer people eat organic than people who eat regular food. As soon as more people start eating organically, the market will become more interesting for the parties involved. As a result, more dairy farmers, agricultural companies, but also supermarkets will want to offer organic food. More supply will cause the price to drop.


Organic food is not only better for the environment and the animals, but also for you. The slogan: ” Organic, very logical “, is therefore not such a crazy slogan.

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