Cream, the magic remedy for beautiful skin

We all want beautiful skin. From an early age we learn from parents, acquaintances, friends and commercials that cream is the way to beautiful skin. What does cream actually do to our skin and what type of cream should you use?

The tasks of a day cream

What exactly does a day cream do?


During the day your skin has to endure a lot, air pollution, cold or heat, central heating, air conditioning, UV rays and stress all have a harmful influence. By using a good cream your skin is protected against these harmful influences.

Moisture balance

In addition to protection, a day cream ensures that the moisture balance in your skin is maintained

Power supply

Day cream contains vitamins and other substances (this depends on the cream you use) that nourish your skin.
By using cream regularly you ensure skin that radiates, looks healthy and feels supple and soft . However, it is important It is important that the cream suits your skin type. Oily skin requires a different approach than dry and sensitive skin.

Skin types

If you do not yet know exactly what type of skin you have, you can easily determine this based on the characteristics below. Once you have determined your skin type, you can adjust the cream you use accordingly.

Dry skin

  • Often feels tight
  • Absorbs cream very quickly
  • Looks dull and faded
  • Pores are barely visible or not at all visible
  • Often feels unpleasant and tight after washing
  • Is often sensitive


Normal skin

  • Is soft and has a healthy ruddy complexion
  • Pores are fine and regular
  • Not really sensitive to anything


Fat skin

  • Shines
  • Has excessive sebum production
  • Pores are wide and clearly visible


Combined skin

  • In the center of the face and on the forehead the skin is oily
  • The rest of the face is dry


Night cream

In addition to the day cream, it is wise to use a night cream. While the day cream protects and nourishes, the night cream ensures that the natural self-healing capacity of your skin is stimulated. Night creams for the elderly also contain ingredients to prevent skin aging and wrinkle formation.

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