Pubic hair fashion and trends

Shaving pubic hair is no longer taboo. It seems that all women shave their pubic hair. It is no longer an uncommon phenomenon that is only done by models and athletes. Find out why shaving pubic hair is so popular and what the new trends are today. Why is shaving pubic hair so popular?

Role models

More and more women are confronted with the phenomenon of shaving pubic hair. Everyone is talking about shaving pubic hair. The ins and outs of shaving pubic hair are published in the media. Models, actresses and other celebrities who function as role models shave their pubic hair and speak out about this openly.


Shaving pubic hair has become more accepted. Special razors and accessories for this purpose are available in most department stores and cosmetics retail chains at reasonable prices. Shaving pubic hair is easier, faster, and more painless than before. The modern devices are designed to last for years for effective pubic hair removal.
Removing pubic hair gives a feeling of freedom and makes you feel better about yourself. It is one of the many cosmetic treatments that have gained popularity in recent years, such as teeth whitening, nude sunbathing and so on.
What is currently in fashion when it comes to pubic hair shaving?
There are two trends that are most popular among women who shave their pubic hair.

Brazilian wax

The first is the Brazilian Bikini wax. With this form of pubic hair removal, all pubic hairs are removed. It is recommended to have this treatment performed by a professional. Institutes where this treatment is performed can be found in every major city.

Models and shapes

The second trend is the different designs and shapes in which the hair can be modeled. As examples we can mention the star, the arrow, the heart, the butterfly or the traditional upward or downward triangle. Many women provide a pleasant surprise for their boyfriend or husband by presenting a different shape each time.
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