Cold feet in winter: tips against winter feet

A harsh winter is no fun if you suffer from cold feet. Feet that feel cold can also occur in other seasons, but this phenomenon is at its worst in winter. Cold feet can be related to diseases such as rheumatism or diabetes, but a lack of exercise can also play a role. The most important thing is to ensure good blood circulation. Applying special foot cream and wearing extra warm socks can also provide relief. An electric foot warmer has the advantage that you can adjust different heat settings for your feet with a switch. Another thing worth trying is a professional foot massage. This improves your blood circulation and you experience a general feeling of relaxation. What are the possible causes of cold feet and what tips can help you warm your feet?

Cold feet in winter

For some, winter is the season of conviviality, just think of Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year. For others, winter brings typical ailments, such as cold feet. Cold feet can be very annoying and cause an unpleasant feeling in the foot, heel and toes. In addition, cold feet can be accompanied by cramps or tingling. In some cases, redness of the skin, itching and swelling of the feet may also occur. Furthermore, the skin of the feet can also be painful and sensitive. Some people also experience cold feet during other seasons, but symptoms tend to become worse in winter due to the cold and humidity. Cold feet in winter is a phenomenon also called winter feet , or in medical terminology perniosis or perniones .

Winter feet due to poor blood circulation

The main cause of cold feet is reduced blood circulation. The feeling of warmth in the feet is strongly influenced by the temperature of the environment. When the weather is cold, the blood vessels in the skin contract to allow as little heat as possible to escape. That is a natural reaction of the body. But in some people the contraction of the blood vessels is so strong that blood circulation is greatly reduced. Due to reduced blood circulation, the foot will feel colder again. It is ironic how an action to limit heat loss can itself lead to a feeling of cold.

Other causes of winter feet

Anyone who has cold feet should consider what lifestyle he or she leads. For example, smoking may contribute to cold feet because it reduces blood circulation. Also check whether you are wearing constricting shoes that may hinder the blood flow in your feet. Lack of exercise can also lead to poor blood circulation, so remember not to sit at your PC for too long without moving your feet and legs.

Cold feet due to illness

The phenomenon of cold feet can also be caused by diseases or conditions. Joint diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis are some examples of this. Furthermore, diabetes or diabetes can also lead to cold (and swollen) feet, just like Raynaud’s disease. Another possible cause of cold feet is arteriosclerosis.

Tips and remedies against cold feet

Feet move

To ensure good blood circulation, it is also recommended to move your feet sufficiently. Even if you are sitting still at home or in the office, it is useful to make rotating and up and down movements with your feet, for example. This prevents your feet from cooling down. In addition, it is recommended to avoid tight shoes and opt for comfortable footwear.

Foot massage

Foot massage can be an ideal way to finally get rid of those cold feet. A professional foot massage is a lot cheaper than a full body massage and is definitely worth a try. By massaging the feet extensively, blood circulation will be stimulated, causing that cold, cramped feeling to disappear. An additional advantage is that it relaxes you wonderfully. Many nerve pathways that are connected to the organs of your body come together in your feet, so you also experience a positive and warm feeling in other parts of your body.

Foot cream

There are special foot creams on the market that help the feet relax and also stimulate blood circulation. Thanks to a deep-acting cream or ointment, you will quickly experience a warmer and more pleasant feeling in your feet. An example of an efficient cream against cold feet is Volatile Foot Milk Winter Feet .

Electric foot warmer

One of the most efficient ways to quickly get your feet warm and keep them warm is an electric foot warmer. Thanks to an electric foot warmer, your feet will immediately become warmer. You can also determine different heat settings via a switch, allowing you to bring your feet to the desired temperature. Most electric foot warmers are equipped with a built-in protection so that there is no risk of overheating. Some examples of foot warmers are:

  • Medisana Foot Warmer
  • Heat in a Click
  • Dreamland Foot Warmer


Blood circulation improver against cold feet

In many cases, cold feet are related to poor blood flow. To promote blood circulation , you can place your feet on a so-called blood circulation improver. This is a very efficient device that stimulates the nerves of the feet, massages the feet and puts pressure on the veins in the legs. In this way, blood circulation in the feet and legs is stimulated. Because the blood can flow more smoothly through your veins, your feet will soon feel warmer. A blood circulation improver can therefore greatly reduce the risk of cold feet. Some examples of so-called “circulation boosters” are:

  • Bodi-tek Blood circulation
  • Revitive Blood circulation improver
  • Revitive Medic Pharma
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