Pubic hair care in women

Pubic hair is the hair on the genitals, in the crotch and at the top between the legs. This hair usually starts to grow during the first 3 years of puberty. Over the years, women have always taken care of their pubic hair. In paintings from the 19th century we can see that naked women have shaved or trimmed their pubic hair. In some cultures, such as Islam, women are required to shave their pubic hair. We distinguish 3 forms of pubic hair care, which are used by women:

To delete

Pubic hair removal is becoming increasingly popular. It is a popular phenomenon, both in modern Western society and in traditional societies such as Islam or Hinduism. Some remove all pubic hair while others prefer to leave some, usually in the shape of a triangle, although in recent years more and more different shapes can be identified. There are several methods to remove pubic hair. Cut with scissors, remove with tweezers, wax (bikini wax) and shave.
Why waxing? Hair growth will decrease over time. Why shave? This is relatively cheap and can easily be done at home. Why use tweezers? This can be easy if only a few hairs are involved and not everything needs to be removed.

To paint

More and more women are turning to dyeing their pubic hair, although they are usually not aware that it can be disastrous for the hair. There is currently no product on the market that is specifically intended for coloring. Despite the potential danger of dyeing, many go for it so they can pass as a real redhead or blonde.

To model

Modeling pubic hair in every conceivable shape is something that is widely practiced. The correct order for this is: making a decision regarding the shape or model, cutting the hair next to the hair that is left as short as possible, taking a warm shower, shaving off the pubic hair with a shaver, cleaning the entire area well and finally drying it.

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