Midlife crisis: What exactly does it mean?

A midlife crisis usually starts in your forties and can mean significant problems in your relationship and at work. What causes a midlife crisis? How can you best deal with a midlife crisis? What are the symptoms of a midlife crisis? These are all questions that many do not know the answer to.

When does a midlife crisis begin?

A midlife crisis is an intrusive phase in your life, different for men than for women. Everyone reacts differently to it. A midlife crisis often begins halfway through your life and is often characterized by a growing realization that life is going to end and you have not yet achieved all your goals. There are a number of questions that can cause a midlife crisis:

  • Have I done everything I wanted to do?
  • Do I have the life I always wanted?
  • Have I achieved what I want in my life?
  • Am I capable of achieving anything in my life?


The midlife crisis is an identity crisis

Being in your forties can unleash a certain uncontrollable urge that causes your life pattern to be drastically changed. This can cause your lifestyle, but also your work and relationships to suffer considerably. There is a certain dissatisfaction in your life and a completely empty feeling. The above questions could all be answered with no in this case. You want to change and rather today than tomorrow. It is now or never! It is normal for people to take stock halfway through their lives. Where do we stand? What have we achieved? Where are we going? The trick is not to get stuck in it. As long as that goes well, this cannot lead to a midlife crisis. So don’t keep worrying, feeling bored and more depressed, but quickly discover your own identity and get started with it.

What are the signs of a midlife crisis?

The signals of a forty-something (man or woman) in a midlife crisis are not always recognizable. The stereotypical man with a midlife crisis is often the man who suddenly buys a motorcycle or has a much younger girlfriend or tries to get a different look. Women have that too, but often less drastically than the examples mentioned earlier. With women you can notice that a sense of responsibility often predominates. Women often delve more deeply into certain matters. Taking an in-depth course and delving into spiritual matters, for example, is more their thing.

How do you recognize a midlife crisis?

  • Nostalgia for the past when you were young
  • Wanting to be away from home more often
  • Getting the idea to emigrate
  • Want to make long journeys
  • Looking for more spiritual things
  • Isolate yourself more from everyone
  • Buying valuable things, such as an expensive car
  • Huge need to realize a long-cherished dream
  • Making risky investments
  • Sort of seeking refuge in alcohol and drugs to push away the useless feeling
  • Seek out other new friends more often


How do you deal with a midlife crisis?

You are having a midlife crisis. How do you deal with this? First of all, make sure you regain some balance in your life. It’s good to know what you want and what you want to achieve. Set a goal in your life that is achievable and realistic. Ask yourself what makes you happy and pursue this to become happy. Prioritize this goal as much as possible. If you don’t know how to make this happen, you’ll have to dig deep into your past. Try to grab the moments that you have fond memories of and try to relive these wonderful times. The most important thing is to live! Live your life like never before and try to enjoy it in your own way.

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