Cut curls?

If you don’t have curls, you can’t cut them, but there is a relatively new cutting technique that can give people with curly hair or people who already actually have curls “more”. More in the sense of a stronger blow, curls that are controlled and/or more volume.

How does it work?

The hair is treated in a special way, in which the natural fall of the hair is followed and/or, if the head of hair is too large/too thick, it is thinned out in a structured manner. The technique, which is based on Curlsys by Brian McLean, has subsequently been perfected and grafted onto the existing hair structure to be carefully studied and the natural flow of the hair approximated using a special cutting technique. The lines are followed using a special cutting method and special scissors.

Special cutting technique

Not straight hair, but cut like straight hair

You usually see that hair that does not fall completely straight is cut as if it were straight/straight hair. As a result, the fall does not get any better. In fact, it often seems as if bits have been cut out.

Cut differently than usual

It starts with an appointment that lasts at least an hour and a half and where the hairdresser first looks at the dry hair. What is the flow of the hair like? Then the hair is washed and the conditioner that is normally washed out at the end is left in it. Then we first look at cutting the ends of the hair, as you normally cut the dead ends. You are then warned not to be alarmed, because it looks like they are cutting away entire pieces of hair.
Then the special technique begins, where the hairdresser has different scissors, different from the normal cutting scissors. Scissors that are then left and right handed. Because the technique only works if you cut
the sides with different hands . The hair is divided and the hairdresser starts with very small bundles on one of the sides of the hair. It looks strange, because a bundle of hair is cut round, so to speak. Strange, because you do think that a lot is being cut off, which is not the case. The special way of cutting creates air between the hairs, as it were. This gives the hair a nice soft fall with a lot of resilience. Even if the curl is too intense, this technique can give the curl a nice fall again.
Last but least, curling or curling often causes frizz and this is also greatly reduced with this technique. Curls and waves are kept under control by the technique, even without styling products.

To dry

After cutting, the conditioner is rinsed out and styling can take place. The styling technique is based on gentle but warm drying of the curls or waves in the hair and can easily be imitated at home with a diffuser. You just have to take some time for it.
The point is that the diffuser is held close to the scalp and the curls or waves lie on the diffuser, as it were, and dry gently. This way you will alternately hang to the left and right, gently hang your hair forward and ensure that your hair is thoroughly dry. If desired, you can use a styling product.
Hairspray when it is done is possible, but do not use a hairspray that hardens too much.
If you want to let your hair air dry, this is also possible. Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb, knead a styling product into it and let it air dry. It is best not to walk in the wind, because there is a good chance that your hair will become frizzy and the natural flow will no longer be visible.


Cutting curls is not possible, but if you have a stroke, this technique does work to get more stroke and volume. The thick curl that becomes frizzy or frizzy can also be tackled with it. But be careful, not every hairdresser has hairdressers who master this technique. The technique is called Curlsys and hairdressers must have completed the training for it!

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