Lose weight with the help of the bicycle

In addition to being an ideal means of transport, the bicycle is also an ideal way to quickly burn off the necessary kilos. In this case I speak from my own experience, I have also lost many excess pounds in a short time thanks to cycling.

Dutch people and bicycles

Almost all of us Dutch people cycle. People cycle to the city, to school, to the station or to the pub. But in addition to being a convenient means of transport, a bicycle is so much more. In addition to being a means of transport, the bicycle can also serve as an ideal tool in the fight against extra kilos! In addition, cycling is good for your limbs and you get the necessary sunlight. An additional advantage is that you also see more of the surroundings than with, for example, running.

The bicycle

Bicycles are of course available in all shapes and sizes, from racing bikes to city bikes and from electric bicycles to folding bicycles.
To determine which bicycle suits you best, it is advisable to take a look at your local bicycle maker. This will provide appropriate advice about which bicycle suits you best. Has the choice been made? Then it’s time to start burning some fat! An additional advantage of cycling is that it is less stressful on your body than, for example, running. When running, your ankles and knees in particular have a hard time. This is not the case with cycling and you use all the muscles of your body and there is hardly any risk of injury.

Getting ready for the summer with the help of the bike

In addition to being fun, cycling can also be very good for you. What many people often do not realize is that cycling is a very effective way to lose weight and get in shape. After all, a long hike can burn hundreds to thousands of calories, and who wouldn’t want that? So it’s not such a bad idea to take your bike regularly. Cycling and mountain biking are of course the ideal ways to burn a lot of calories in a short time. After all, the greater the effort, the greater the calorie burn. If this isn’t for you, no problem! With a bike ride on a touring bike you quickly burn a lot of calories without noticing. The bicycle can therefore help you fit into your summer clothes again! In addition, you also tan very quickly while cycling.

Targeted training

In order to train in a targeted manner, it is advisable to undergo a sports medical examination. A sports medical examination is often carried out in a hospital where your physical condition will be examined. There are 3 types of sports medical examinations, namely:
Basic sports medical examination Basic plus sports medical examination Major sports medical examination
Based on the outcome of the test, advice can be given in the field of sports and exercise. The advantage of this is that you can train specifically based on this information. You will receive a result from the test and based on this the different heart rate zones can be calculated. Based on these zones, a schedule can be drawn up that can be specified based on the desired training results. However, such research is not cheap. There are health insurance policies that (partially) reimburse the research. It is then advisable to purchase a heart rate monitor. This means that the results of the research can be immediately put into practice.
In short, grab the bike, cycle the miles, and the pounds will fly off.

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