Doctor FX Mayr and his cleansing treatment

Doctor FX Mayr was born in Austria in 1922 and spent his life looking for a way to detoxify the body. He came up with a cleansing treatment that almost everyone can follow – under the guidance of a Mayr doctor. This treatment lasts about four weeks and attempts to clean the stomach and intestines as best as possible. There are hotels in Flanders and the Netherlands that offer this treatment to guests with professional guidance and adapted side activities.

Origin of therapy

Doctor Mayr’s treatment is based on a centuries-old tradition. In the past, people also started eating less for a period of time to improve the physical and mental condition of the body. Mayr actually continues that line. Many people eat too much food every day and often do this in a bad way. They eat too much sugar, too much fat and don’t chew enough. This puts the stomach and intestines to the test, causing all kinds of problems to occur. With the Mayrkure you can limit these complaints.

Different facets of the Mayrkuur

Professional guidance

It is best to start the treatment under the supervision of a doctor because the way of working is adapted to each individual. So there is no general formula that applies to everyone. However, not every doctor is familiar with Mayr’s theory and practice, so it is better to first take a look at There you will find all doctors who specialize in supervising this treatment.


Various sources contradict each other here, but the idea is that you will undergo intensive treatment for at least three weeks. This period can of course also be extended. Some people take treatments for four weeks, others continue for up to six. During the first week you can take treatment together in a hotel or spa, but this is not necessary. You can also do this at home on your own or with your family. If you opt for a hotel you may be able to rest better and have more opportunities to share experiences with others. After that first week, everyone continues at home.

Stomach and intestines: cause of many complaints

Many people have problems with the stomach or intestines. These organs are responsible for digestion and can hardly ever rest. Digestion must always take place, but due to overload it can happen that digestion no longer runs as smoothly. In this way, the waste products accumulate and are no longer removed efficiently. In addition, the absorption of the building materials also becomes more difficult. These two processes lead to the aging of your body because cells are damaged and cell and connective tissue degenerates.

The treatment itself

Goal Mayrkuur

Doctor Mayr wants to counteract the aging process by relieving the stomach and intestines for a month. Call it a holiday season for the digestive organs. This gives your body time to remove the harmful substances and restore your intestinal function as fully as possible.

What does the treatment entail?

You can give your intestines and stomach some time by sticking to a strict stomach- and intestinal-sparing diet. The idea is to choose food with few calories. All the food you eat must first be chewed very thoroughly and mixed with saliva. This salivation is very important. In this way, the food components are absorbed as optimally as possible.
You also need to drink a lot. No alcohol, but water, tea and a saline solution. The latter must ensure that all waste products are washed away.

Possible consequences

By following this treatment, you try to prevent certain complaints and diseases. The Mayr treatment mainly helps with:

  • Digestive problems such as belching, heartburn problems, constipation and diarrhea
  • Heart and vascular disease
  • Joint complaints such as back pain, osteoarthritis and gout
  • Overweight
  • Over-fatigue
  • Menopausal complaints
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