Homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality

Unlike many animals, most people in the world like people of the opposite sex, but there are also many people who like people of the same sex…


heterosexual person is attracted to people of the opposite sex. So men who like women and women who like men are all heterosexual. So this says something about people’s sexual orientation.

Heteros and Sexuality

The word heterosexuality is derived from the Greek word Heteros, which means other (of two) . Sexuality is a derivative of the Latin word for sexuality. Compound means that someone feels sexually attracted to the other (of two), i.e. to someone of the opposite sex.

Cultures, beliefs and heterosexuality

In most cultures and beliefs, heterosexuality is seen as normal, in some even as the norm. Sexual behavior other than heterosexuality is called abnormal, deviant or even taboo.


In the picture next to the introduction of this article you see the first known homosexual couple in history, namely Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum. They lived approximately in the 25th century BC.
Homosexuality is the sexual attraction that two people of the same sex can feel towards each other. Someone who is homosexual therefore falls for someone of the same sex, men for men and women for women.

Homoios and Sexuality

As with heterosexuality, homosexuality is a combination of a Greek word and the word sexuality, which is derived from Latin. Homoios is the Greek for equal , so homosexuality means that you are attracted to people of the same sex.

Cultures, beliefs and homosexuality

Homosexual behavior is, unfortunately, not accepted by everyone. Several faiths in particular reject homosexuality. Fortunately, it is becoming less and less taboo, at least in the Western world, to tell people around you that you are homosexual. There is still discrimination about homosexuality, but much less than before.


Just like homosexuality, bisexuality is not accepted everywhere. If someone is bisexual, it means that he or she is attracted to both men and women. The word bisexuality is again a portmanteau, this time of the word bi , which means two, and sexuality is again the derivative of the Latin word for sexuality.

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