Go into the summer with beautiful smooth legs

In winter, most women don’t really care what their legs look like. After all, they can hide their hairy, dry, white legs in their jeans or leggings. But when summer is coming again, it is important to spend some time on your legs so that they can shine again on the beach. But how do you do that? Which method of hair removal is best? Shaving, epilation, waxing or depilatory cream? And should you scrub afterwards or not?

Hair removal

The first step is of course to remove hair from your legs. This can be done in various ways. Each way has advantages and disadvantages. Depilate your legs in a way that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.


Shaving is still the most commonly used method of hair removal. Shaving is easy and cheap. Moreover, it is fast and you can do it at any time. A disadvantage of shaving is that the hair will grow back quickly. Moreover, they come back thicker and darker than they were before. So you shouldn’t just shave every place on your body. First think about whether it is really necessary. Thin blonde hairs can very quickly turn into thick, black, striking hairs.
When shaving, it is best to use a razor with interchangeable blades. Disposable blades quickly become blunt and are no longer usable after one or two uses. Make sure you use shaving cream. If you do not use this, the skin will quickly become dry and irritated. If you don’t have shaving foam with you, you can also use shampoo or shower gel.

Depilatory cream

Another method is hair removal using depilatory cream. You apply this cream to your skin, wait a few minutes and remove it with a sponge or spatula. The hairs will come off together with the cream. Hair removal cream can be very convenient, but many people cannot tolerate it. It is strong chemical stuff that can quickly cause an allergic reaction. Moreover, it is difficult to really remove all the hair. Often a few remain.


When epilating the legs, you remove the hair for a longer period of time. It may take a few weeks for them to grow back. Nowadays there are many devices to help you with this, so that you don’t have to remove everything hair by hair. You let an epilady slowly glide over the skin. This device then pulls out all the hair for you. An epilady costs a bit of money, but you can enjoy it for years. This makes epilation a very cheap way of hair removal. However, many people experience it as very painful. It’s a bit of a shock, especially the first time. The more you do it, the less it will hurt.


Finally, you can also wax your legs. Waxing is a very effective way of hair removal. You can do this yourself using wax strips, but you can also go to the beautician. When you start working on comics yourself, it usually ends in sticky, red legs and a lot of whining. Moreover, it is almost never possible to remove all the hair. It is therefore better to go to the beautician. Because she pulls the strips off quickly, it is less painful. She can also better check whether all the hairs are gone. Of course, the costs of such a wax are somewhat higher. You pay between twenty and thirty euros for a treatment.


After your legs have been depilated, you can start exfoliating. However, do not do this immediately afterwards, but wait a day. Otherwise your legs are still too sensitive. You can exfoliate with scrub salt and/or a scrub glove. This removes the dead skin flakes. The result is shiny, soft skin.


After your legs have been depilated and exfoliated, it is important to take good care of them. Apply a nice body lotion every evening to prevent them from becoming dry. Let your legs enjoy the first rays of sunshine so that they get a nice tan and you can shine on the beach!

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