Jealousy in a relationship

Everyone knows the feeling of jealousy within a relationship and perhaps outside of it as well. A little jealousy is healthy, everyone suffers from it sometimes. What can you do to prevent it from taking extreme forms? In the beginning of a relationship, in most cases there is no jealousy. You are then in love with each other and you find everything fun and exciting. After a while, jealous feelings can come into play. For example, if your partner talks to someone of the opposite sex. In itself this is not a big deal, it is a fairly normal feeling. A stage further on, you don’t like it when your partner looks at someone of the opposite sex or says that he/she is very beautiful. In itself it is not strange that you do not like to hear that. It gets strange if you forbid someone to look at others and distrustful feelings arise. This often results in huge arguments and misunderstandings.

What can you do?

Jealousy often arises from insecurity. Insecurity about yourself, your body, your personality. When you look in magazines and on television you see a lot of beautiful and perfect people. You have to think that most of them have been edited piece by piece with special programs. Just search Google for stars without makeup. In the showbiz world, Botox and cosmetic procedures are also widely used, with all these tools you can quickly create a perfect picture. Just Google a star on before and after photos. You will see that the stars also look like ordinary people that you will not even recognize on the street without makeup. This is a way to gain a little more self-confidence. If you are very jealous, the jealousy can sometimes turn into hatred, then it is advisable to talk to your doctor. You can forward this to a person who specializes in these types of cases.

Discuss it with your partner

In most cases, your partner will understand what’s going on. It is important for your relationship that you are open about your feelings and thoughts. Discuss this with your partner. Say what you like and don’t like, say that it affects you when certain things happen. By talking clearly and openly about your feelings, your partner can probably understand where they come from. In addition to uncertainty, there are often events from the past that play a role. Consider, for example, an ex-partner who cheated on you. Or someone who has lied to you in the past.
You can also ask your partner to take your feelings more into account. If your partner is open to this, he can give you more trust and you will see that after a while things will get a lot better and the jealous feelings will fade into the background. If nothing happens for a while that you feel hurt by, you will gain more self-confidence and trust in your partner. That is a pleasant feeling and progress for both of them. And if you have a little more confidence, you will naturally notice that things that you used to mind so much now bother you less.

Sickly jealous

There are people who suffer from morbid jealousy. If you suffer from the symptoms below, it is advisable to seek professional help. If you do not do so, things may happen that you do not actually want, such as physical violence.

  • You are unable to trust your partner.
  • You want to check your partner as much as possible, think about his phone, ask questions, etc
  • You don’t want to go out without your partner.
  • If your partner goes away alone, you want to know where he is and perhaps who he is with.
  • You don’t trust it if your partner has to work late or comes home late.
  • During jealousy you suffer from panic attacks or other physical symptoms.
  • You often argue about others.
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