Overweight – Weight problems

Lose weight naturally with herbal homeopathy. Two plants that will help you lose excess pounds.

Weight problems – Being overweight

Winter is over and summer is approaching. However, for many people, winter has still left something behind. Winter kilos!
I am not talking about serious obesity here, but about a few kilos that have been added due to winter food, among other things. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of them, so that we can fit into summer clothes and bikinis again when we go on holiday or for a day at the beach.
In herbal homeopathy, two plants are known that provide excellent services in losing a few kilos. With a two-month treatment it is possible to lose two to three kilos per month. Although this is not spectacular, the weight loss is sustainable and is not followed by a catch-up reaction (yo-yo effect) when stopping the treatment. Of course it is necessary to follow a light diet. It is clear that a daily fatty meal is unacceptable. It is also recommended to exercise for 60 minutes every day.

Clinical observations reveal the following

The two drugs were applied to 50 patients between the ages of 25 and 62 (average age 33 years), weighing between 60 and 75 kg (average weight 67 kg) for three months and produced the following results:

  • 10 patients: weight loss of 12 kg
  • 20 patients: weight loss of 7 kg
  • 15 patients: weight loss of 4 kg
  • 5 patients: no weight loss

More information about the right diet and a calorie checker, with which you can calculate how many calories your diet contains, can be found at The Nutrition Center.

The plants that can be used for this are:

Fucus vesiculosus (bladder wrack): an algae that is very common on the Atlantic coasts. It is green when fresh and turns brown-black when it dries. It contains small air-filled sacs.
Hieracium pilosella (hawkweed or mouse’s ear): a tough strong herb that lives in the arid and mountainous regions of Europe. It has a pale yellow flower and the leaves are curled and hairy.
Both are prepared as mother tinctures. Mother tincture is obtained by maceration (soaking) of fresh plants in alcohol and, in exceptional cases, dried plants. To prepare mother tinctures, certain conditions must be strictly observed. After harvesting the plants, this raw material undergoes inspection before being processed for the preparation of mother tincture. The vegetable raw material is finely chopped and then placed in a stainless steel vessel with a certain amount of alcohol of the required degree (strength). The maceration lasts three weeks with constant stirring in complete darkness at a constant temperature of 18 degrees C. After clarification and pressing of the raw material, the alcoholic solution is filtered and brought to the correct degree (strength). The amount of plant in the mother tincture obtained in this way is 1/10th of the weight of the dried plant. Below is a brief description of the active substances of the plants.
Fucus vesiculosus: bladderwrack is a source of oligo elements such as: sulphates, calcium, magnesium, iron and especially iodine. Iodine in particular has a mild stimulating effect on the thyroid gland that remains within the limits of physiological normal.
Hieracium pilosella: the whole fresh plant contains numerous active ingredients: flavonoids, apigenol and luteolol.
It has a urea, uric acid and salt diuretic effect. Also has an antiseptic effect against colibacilli.
The two-month treatment can be repeated without any problems if the desired effect has not yet been achieved. The treatment looks like this:

  • When you get up in the morning, drink one large glass of water with 75 drops of Fucus vesiculosus Mother Tincture.
  • In the evening, when going to bed, one large glass of water with 75 drops of Hieracium pilosella Mother Tincture.


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