How can you lose weight with yogurt?

Can you lose weight with yogurt? This appears to be indeed the case! Yogurt has a very positive effect for people who want to lose weight. Belly fat in particular can disappear faster if you regularly eat yogurt.

Lose weight with yogurt

Yogurt is very healthy. Especially low-fat yogurt. This has also been shown in an Irish study. This showed that people who added yogurt to their diet lost 22% more weight than people who did not. They also lost much more belly fat than the group that did not eat yogurt. It is therefore very wise to regularly add yogurt to your diet. Another nice thing is that you will lose weight permanently if you eat yogurt regularly.

The yogurt diet

The yogurt diet is a crash diet that will help you lose a lot of weight. Beware of this diet! Indeed, you will lose a lot of weight quickly, but you will miss important nutrients such as vitamins, fiber and minerals. Losing weight with yogurt is also possible without this diet. It may be a little slower, but it is a lot healthier and also much better for your body. The kilos will also come off permanently and this is still questionable with a yogurt diet.

Losing weight: how much yogurt to eat?

It’s nonsense to eat yogurt all day long. This is also not good for you at all. Preferably choose two bowls of yogurt a day. More is really not necessary and with this amount you already consume enough yogurt to benefit from the positive effect. Preferably also choose low-fat yogurt.

How to eat yogurt?

You can eat yogurt in many ways. You can opt for a bowl of yogurt and preferably supplement it with fruit, such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or pieces of banana. Honey or jam is also delicious. It is better not to add sugar to the yogurt, because this is of course a lot less healthy. Yogurt can also be added to a salad. It is very tasty to make ice cream and, especially in the summer, a very good way to stay healthy. Yogurt can also be used as a substitute for sour cream, for example. Or put it on your pancake!

Healthy lifestyle

To lose weight, you should not only eat yogurt, but also try to eat other healthy products. Avoid fatty foods and sugars. Eat three times a day and choose healthy snacks. It is also wise to exercise for at least half an hour every day. Accustom yourself to a good lifestyle that you can maintain for a lifetime. Yogurt should not be missing!

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