The pill – Can determine your choice for a man

During your fertile days you fall for masculine men, outside of them you go for the one who is nicest. The daily dose of hormones ensures that you are attracted to softer men. About 50 percent of women in the Netherlands are under the influence…

Change of behavior

As a woman you are at your most attractive about five days a month. During those days you attract all male gazes to you like a true magnet. In the second week of your cycle – because that’s what we’re talking about – you dress more daringly, your voice becomes sultrier and you smell different. Moreover, you have more of a need to go out. Not that you are necessarily more after sex. On the contrary: you become more attractive, but also more critical in your choice of men. Not surprising, because you are fertile during those five days.
Women who take pills do not ovulate. Hormonal contraception keeps you, as it were, falsely pregnant for the entire month. And that could well influence your choice of partner, because it is often made during that critical fertile phase . British researchers describe the link between the contraceptive pill and partner choice in the scientific journal, Trends in ecology and evolution. And guess what? Under the influence of reproductive hormones, women fall for other, more masculine men around ovulation. And you are a lot more attractive to the opposite sex when you are ovulating.

Roosters versus softies

In recent years, a lot of psychological research has been done on partner preferences in both men and women. A famous example is that of American striptease dancers, who received much more tips in the second week of their cycle. Pill-swilling colleagues received the same amount or the same amount throughout the month. Women who are about to ovulate are not only at their best, they are also attracted to a different type of men. One study compared fertile and non-fertile women. Both groups had to rate photos of different men. The short-term preference of a fertile woman shifts to more masculine men, recognizable by a wider jawline, dominant behavior and competitiveness. So roosters. In addition, a symmetrical face is more important, and her preferred man is genetically more different from herself.
Fertile women notice this genetic difference subconsciously, partly through the smell. This difference goes further than you initially think. It even affects the immune systems of our future children. The same applies to the influence of masculine traits, a result of high testosterone levels. Testosterone provides a stronger defense against infections. Around ovulation the woman chooses the strongest genes and outside of that she chooses the nicest man.
According to behavioral ecologists, biologically speaking, women have a ‘dual sex life’. During the fertile period they have sex for reproduction, the rest of the month for more social reasons, such as maintaining a relationship or as a means of power.

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