Is my wife cheating?

It is extremely annoying when you are torn by doubts about whether your wife is cheating. With this article you can recognize it.

Torn by fear

If you suspect that your wife is cheating on you, this can be very upsetting. Doubt, fear, anger, all not unusual emotions to experience when suspecting that your wife is cheating. Although you may first want to suppress the suspicion, it may be that your suspicion is so strong that you can no longer ignore it. At first you will probably be very curious and jealous. Who is she cheating on with, and why?

Strong suspicion or irrational fear?

A suspicion that your wife is cheating often does not come out of the blue. You may notice that she often secretly texts someone, or leaves the house more and more often. If you notice these kinds of signals that make you suspect that your wife is cheating, you should always be honest with yourself about whether it is a well-founded suspicion. It may also be the case that you have a very jealous attitude and can completely misinterpret signals. This can drive you crazy with fear! Therefore, be very honest with yourself and discuss it with someone if necessary. They can give you new insights into the signals you have received, so that you may look at things completely differently and it turns out that nothing is wrong.

Accept the emotions

If, despite the honest acknowledgment of your feelings, you still have a strong suspicion, many emotions may arise, even though you are not yet sure. You may start to feel very insecure about yourself and start to wonder things like ‘have I offered her enough?’. Your emotions can range from fear to sadness to anger, everything will pass. Fear that it is true, sadness if it is and anger if your wife appears to have cheated on you. Remember that these are very normal emotions, even if you don’t know anything for sure.

Sigh for certainty

Even though it can torture your mind so much, you probably still want an answer to your suspicions about whether your wife is cheating. There are a number of ways to find out. The most obvious method is to simply ask your wife if she is cheating. However, this is a risky way. If it isn’t, you can put your relationship on edge and she will feel distrusted, and if it is, there is always the chance that she will simply deny it. Still, this is one of the best ways to go about it. She’s your wife and you should be able to discuss these things with her. And if she decides not to be honest about it, you’ll find out eventually.

Characteristics of cheating

The list of characteristics below is by no means a list of hard characteristics of women who cheat and it does not necessarily mean anything if you recognize your wife in the described characteristics. Yet it can be an indication.

  • Your wife has been away from home noticeably more often lately. She says she is increasingly exercising with friends or having to work late.
  • Your wife is secretive when she receives calls or texts and clearly shields whoever contacts her.
  • Your wife dresses herself up exuberantly to go to a situation that doesn’t require such exuberance at all or for which she wouldn’t normally do it.
  • Your wife is clearly lying about where she has been and is secretive or evasive when you ask.
  • Your wife is difficult to reach at certain times and reacts irritated when you ask about it.


If she doesn’t turn out to be cheating

If you are sure that your wife is not cheating, you are of course relieved, but it does say something about the current state of your relationship. Maybe you feel inadequate for your wife or you have become insecure. You can tackle this problem by, for example, exuberantly declaring your love for your wife through a beautifully organized activity or simply a romantic evening at home. Besides the fact that this can give you more self-confidence, it can also give your relationship a huge boost, making your wife even happier with you and less likely to cheat.

If she turns out to be cheating

It is extremely painful when you find out that your wife is cheating on you. If you haven’t done it yet, you will definitely have to confront her with what you found out. Remember that your wife will feel extremely cornered if you are 100 percent sure that she is cheating. This may make her very angry and blame you and make you feel guilty. However, it is better to close yourself off to this completely. She cheated and she did it, not you. You will feel deeply hurt and also deeply unhappy. You will have to decide whether you want to continue with her and that can be a very difficult decision. Ultimately, it comes down to the trade-off between living with the pain you’ve suffered and the desire to move on with your wife. Only you will be able to determine whether the desire to continue with your wife outweighs the suffering caused to you. You will have to wonder why your wife cheated, and whether the relationship can be saved at all.

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