Makeup: perfect eyes

Eyes determine your appearance. They can become real eye-catchers. But how do you get beautiful made-up eyes?

Eye shadow

Use eye shadow to tint your eyelids and accentuate your eyes. Once you have mastered the application, you can start experimenting with the color. The color as in the box is always lighter when you apply it. Never match colors to the color of your irises, look for colors that enhance and pick up the color of the eyes. As you get older, you should avoid pearlescent eye shadow. For a good result, first apply a natural tint over the entire eyelid. Quickly and loosely swipe a cotton swab over the chosen eyeshadow and apply in one stroke. Apply a dark shade along the lashes over the eye socket line to accentuate the color. If you prefer not to wear eye shadow, you can apply some color with a pencil or mascara.


Use eyeliner to accentuate and enhance your eyes. Pencils are easy to put on. For irregular lines or outliers, you can apply the line to the correct shape with a sponge applicator. Liquid eyeliner is perfect for making your eyes look enchanting, but it is tricky to apply. The eyeliner will last longer if you dip a damp cotton swab in the same color eye shadow and run it over the line.


Always beautify your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Clamp them at the roots and wait 30 seconds. Never curl eyelashes with mascara. You run the risk of them being pulled off at the roots when the mascara dries or sticks to the tongs. Then apply the mascara. And then carefully run a mascara brush horizontally through the eyelash hairs. Correct mistakes with a cotton swab.

Perfect eyes in 4 steps

  1. Apply foundation to the eyelid and finish with powder. Do this before applying the eye shadow.
  2. Apply a light shade of eye shadow to the eyelid with a sponge applicator.
  3. Then, with a soft wash, apply a darker shade of eye shadow along the line of the eye socket.
  4. Accentuate your lashes with two coats of mascara.
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