Tips for sunbathing safely

The sun is dangerous for the skin. So be careful with the sun. How can you be careful with the sun?

Protective clothing

Previously, dark garments were the only type of clothing that provided protection against ultraviolet rays. Colorless paint with UV-absorbing properties is now applied to sun protection fabrics, giving them a protection factor of 50. Always wear a hat in the sun and at least wear a T-shirt on the beach.

The right tool

There are various sunscreens, ranging from gels to creams, lotions and alcohol-based preparations. Find a product that best suits your skin type. If you have oily problem skin, use a money with natural filters. If you have dry skin, avoid alcohol or gel-based sunscreens, which can dry out the skin. Creams and lotions work best.

Cover yourself

Stay out of the sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. because that is when the sun is strongest and most damaging. Protect the skin even when it is cloudy, because the ultraviolet rays penetrate the clouds.


Check your body regularly for suspicious-looking freckles, moles or irregularities. Pay extra attention to moles that have changed shape or size, are itchy, tender or painful, fiery or bleeding. Always have any deviations checked by a specialist. If detected early, it can be treated quickly and easily.


Exposure to ultraviolet light is so damaging to the skin that tanning from a jar is the safest way to get a tan. A tanning bed is just as dangerous as the sun itself. With a self-tanner, the color lasts for about 5 days and you can maintain the color by touching it up regularly.

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