Prevent bad smells from your mouth and sweat odor around the armpits

Very embarrassing when you meet someone who smells bad from their mouth or produces other unpleasant body odors. You wonder whether the person is aware of the stench he/she spreads through his/her mouth or sweaty armpits. What can you actually do against bad breath and a bad sweat smell, while you brush your teeth every day, wash your armpits and put on a clean shirt?

Embarrassing ailments

There are many ailments that people do not like to discuss with others, because they are somewhat ashamed. You don’t even like to go to the doctor if the complaints are not too serious. A typical example is dirty breath or a smelly sweat odor due to perspiring armpits. If you are lucky, your partner or another trusted person from your immediate environment has pointed this out to you. Because how on earth can you find out for yourself that you are producing bad breath?

Strong body odor

Some people suffer from strong smelling armpits. Even though they wash their body thoroughly with soap every day, use deodorant and wash their clothes thoroughly, they continue to spread that pungent odor. It is logical that it will affect your self-confidence and you will avoid contact with others if you cannot conceal that unpleasant smell from those around you.

Cause and solution

  • Normally, fresh perspiration on a clean body is virtually odorless. The only (pleasant) air that normally spreads the fresh sweat is intended to attract the opposite sex. A fresh sweaty armpit increases libido. However, some people carry the Coryne bacteria, which produces an unpleasant odor through perspiration.
  • A solution may be to use a deodorant that also has an antiperspirant effect. If that does not provide a good result, the only option left is a visit to the doctor. A dermatologist can give Botox injections for overactive sweat glands to reduce sweat production. The Coryne bacteria can be combated with an antibiotic lotion.


Bad breath

Stinky breath is often a real turn-off for another person. It is simply not easy to have a good conversation or enter into an intimate relationship with someone who has a strong smell coming from their mouth. The annoying thing is that there is also a taboo on this phenomenon, which means that you actually don’t dare mention it to the other person. Of course, you can expect your partner to draw your attention to it, just as children and parents should do on both sides. And maybe you dare to email someone if you don’t want to tell them directly.

Cause and solution

  • The medical name for bad-smelling breath is halitosis. An excess of bacteria in the mouth is often the cause of the complaint. These bacteria are largely located on the tongue. A white deposit on the tongue can be an indication of this. The bacteria eat proteins from food waste, producing sulfur compounds that give off the stench.
  • The solution is to keep your mouth as clean as possible, for example with a special tongue cleaner, a mouth rinse product, a mouth gel or a mouthwash that kills bacteria such as Listerine. If the complaints do not disappear, there may also be something wrong with the stomach or intestines. But throat or tooth infections can also cause a bad smell. If necessary, consult your dentist or GP. But anyway, start by brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing daily. Brushing the tongue is also very useful, because that layer of dirty bacteria simply adheres to the tongue. It makes a big difference by keeping the tongue clean.
  • If you smoke a lot, your mouth and breath often smell like a dirty ashtray. An extra reason to try to quit that addiction.
  • Even if you have been drinking heavily, a sober conversation partner will smell that typical odor of alcohol through your mouth.
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